Bailout Watch 25: Jerry Flint Votes Aye

bailout watch 25 jerry flint votes aye

What did you expect? Jerry Flint has been a Detroit apologist since Kennedy’s Justice Department tried to force GM to spin-off Chevrolet (if only). Still, Flint’s argument [via WardsAuto] in favor of $50b in low-cost federal loan guarantees for America’s beleaguered automakers is yet another conflicted, half-hearted recommendation. “Detroit can’t convert from a truck-heavy mix to fuel-efficient cars without help, not the way the losses are piling up. General Motors lost $15 billion just in this year’s second quarter, and Ford lost more than $8 billion. Should the nation bother to save the industry? Yes. Opponents say Detroit brought the trouble on itself, ignoring decades of warnings about oil and letting foreign auto makers win battles over quality and technology. That’s all true. Detroit auto makers have made plenty of mistakes, but that doesn’t mean they should not be helped. The Detroit Three provide hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs, plus millions more at suppliers and related businesses.’ Translation: the D2.8 are up shit creek, they failed to compete and they’re too big to fail. Double negative aside, it’s a reasonably coherent and compelling arguement. Especially when Flint adds the “strings attached” caveat (albeit asking workers rather than over-compensated executives to take a hit for the team). So why don’t the automakers themselves A) admit their failures and B) admit their mistakes and C) put a concrete proposal in front of the people who will (mark my words) guarantee these loans? Motown’s “reluctance” to come clean is reason enough to deny them the money.

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  • Raskolnikov Raskolnikov on Sep 07, 2008

    Can our mcgovernment, which is flat broke, even afford a mcbail out? Methinks the Chinese, Arabs, and British are the ones who will actually finance any potential bailout as they snap up our mctreasury bills like our fatass countrymen devouring biggie size fries and cokes at the nearest Mcrestaraunt.

  • Pjpeery Pjpeery on Sep 08, 2008

    You can use my tax dollars to bail out the detroit big 3 .. yes you can when i get the same health care as they do , when i get all the holidays they do when i get the job protection they do ..when i get the same retirement they do have i left anything out? what are the chances? paul

  • J. Stephen Tevis Hello Everyone! My name is Stephen Tevis and I am the General Manager at the dealership in question! The information that was sent via text was incorrect, the info got trickled down to our internet manager thru a couple of different people thus the info being wrong. Nevertheless, we are NOT marking 'our' Z up $50K!! It was a discussion that I personally had with a few other Nissan dealers and the $50K number came up in that conversation. We have never marked a car up that much and just wouldn't. We have been in business for almost 50 years and gouging our customers is not how we achieved longevity. The Z is an incredible car and we are looking for to seeing it as I'm sure you all are, there are only 11 coming to our region which includes over 230 dealers. We are proud of the heritage of the Z but not so proud that we will bend our morals to sell it. I hope that this clears up any confusion, I am always available to give accurate and timely information, Thank you for your time.Respectfully,J. Stephen TevisGeneral Manager
  • SCE to AUX The markups are only absurd if somebody pays them. Before that, they're just ink.
  • Statikboy Skipped over the Stinger?
  • Hasnain Needs more Telluride.Next time the series will return to Kia’s full-size offerings, as the company attempted to recover from the general flop which was the derivative Opirus. See you then. a pile of sheeite
  • Conundrum All that verbiage for a brake fluid reservoir cap that sorta kinda fails over time? That's all it is, right? The vent hole gets plugged up or something. Quelle horreur, it's the end of civilization as we know it. What happens when Micky D's doesn't put enough extra ketchup in your order at the take-out window? You must have an existential histrionic fit!Cue the cheapskate commenter: "Jeez. I drove my 1987 Corolla 734,562 miles, the last 83K with the emergency spare on the left rear, and it didn't even use up all the tread! Plus, I never had brake failure and it never used a drop of oil even though I used Walmart $1.88 stuff in a plastic gallon jug. I guess Toyota could teach those Ferrari guys sump'n about how to build cars!"