Bailout Watch 28: Warren Brown Votes Aye

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
bailout watch 28 warren brown votes aye

When we last checked-in with Washington Post columnist Warren Brown, he was showing the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid some love. Before that, he was predicting a Detroit comeback. And now Warren’s pimping for a federal bailout. Although we salute the WaPo car scribe for calling the federal loans by their real name, his argument for the 50 bil is equal parts belligerent and bizarre. For one thing, Warren blames his Capitol Hill brethren for The Big 2.8’s misery. “American politicians and regulators enabled Detroit’s profligacy. The same politicians who made a big show of demanding that Detroit produce more fuel-efficient cars and trucks did next to nothing to create a market for their sale. In fact, federal economic policy, deeply soaked in cheap gasoline, did just the opposite. By mandating more technical fuel economy without adjusting the price of the fuel consumed, federal policy lowered the cost of driving in the United States and, in turn, helped increase consumer demand for bigger vehicles and more horsepower. It was all good . . . until a meteoric rise in gasoline prices ended all of that.” Yes, well, Warren’s a moral relativist (as are several of our TTAC commentators). He believes that if we bail out Bear Stearns and Iraq we should bail out American manufacturing. Someone should tell Warren that the domestics receive plenty of federal, state and local tax breaks for their factories, just like the transplants. In case he forgot. [thanks to inept123 for the link]

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  • John Williams John Williams on Sep 07, 2008
    Affirmative Action? You notice the guy is black and assume he didn’t get his job by being a decent writer who knows something about cars? That's the legacy of Affirmative Action: assume the minority got to where he/she is by social promotion, and not by their own merits.
  • Jnik Jnik on Sep 07, 2008

    And are you suggesting whites didn't have this attitude BEFORE Affirmative Action? I wish I had a dollar for every time a white person looked at me and assumed I didn't know my own job! And perhaps I should assume every white man got his job because of family connections, like George W. Bush. Actually, Affirmative Action has been serving as a convenient scapegoat for white men in that they can blame it for their failure to get a desired job or promotion because no white man will admit to a black person or a woman (women are the biggest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action) being better qualified than themselves. It's easier for a white man to say "They had to give the job to a black guy (or woman)" than " The other person was better suited (or had more experience or a better resume) than I did".

  • Nudave Nudave on Sep 08, 2008
    jnik: I'm white, but I'm with you and understand completely the need for the term "stupid Cracker" to be used occasionally.
  • on Jun 09, 2009

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