Autoblog Threatens More Knight Rider Live-Blogging

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

As my five-year-old daughter’s learning, a joke’s just not as funny the second time ’round– especially if you tell it to the same people immediately after you told it to them the first time. But I guess Alex Nunez’ live-blogging of Knight Rider— lauded in these parts for its pithy candor– wasn’t supposed to be a joke. Why else would Autoblog promise to do it again? And again. And again. Until NBC’s axe falls mercifully upon the Hoff’s legacy. Page views? While AB doesn’t have a view counter, I’m guessing that the most vanilla of auto blogs appeals to an enormous coterie of Knight Rider fans. And that’s a deeply scary thought. Anyway, AB shares the viewing data for the new Knight Rider, episode one. “Robert Seldman who writes for tells us that the 18-34 year old demographic was even more interested in watching America’s Next Top Model than Michael Knight, and that includes both males and females.” Does that mean car porn is not as appealing as soft porn to single people? Did I just ask that question?

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Monkeyboy Monkeyboy on Sep 26, 2008

    That's a good pic. But she's no Livinia Nussbaum. mb RE: Skinny Boney Women Methinks someone likes fat chicks...

  • ZoomZoom ZoomZoom on Sep 27, 2008

    These types of shows were before their time. I remember really being into Knight Rider and Airwolf in the 80's. And "The Six Million Dollar Man" before them in the 70's. And Star Trek before them all; though I had to see that in reruns, because it came out almost sooner than me! Shows in this genre are both mostly badly acted, but they were fascinating nonetheless because they featured new and sometimes wildly imaginary technologies that were appealing and exciting. As somebody mentioned, the data/communications capabilities of KITT, and the navigational and stealth possibilities brought by Airwolf. And who wouldn't like to have a Starship Enterprise, hmmm? There was a scene in one early Airwolf episode where the character Dominic (the fat engineer/repair guy) needed to load a map. He pressed a button, making a tray on the console in front of him open up. Then he opened a CD jewel case and placed a disc into the tray. This was momentous in that day and age! I remember saying to my brother, "did you see that! He's got the maps on that disc!" Yeah, there was the preposterous. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's not likely that I'll ever see the "turbo boost" option able to make my car fly over rush-hour traffic. And having bulletproof lightweight armor on my car or helo would have been physically unlikely. And of course, that whole deal about eing able to ram my car through a pile of logs without getting even a scratch? Not gonna happen. But I am still holding out for matter-disassembly/reassembly transporter technology... The acting can be terrible. Plot is often optional; remember "Nightman?" Yuck! Do these shows have value? I guess one has to figure that out for themselves, but I think the answer is yes. As long as a drinking glass is still a drinking glass and as long as a salt shaker remains recognizable as a salt shaker, that is. (Star Trek reference)

  • Andy D Andy D on Sep 27, 2008

    how does he get the car past the smog Nazis?

  • Civisi Civisi on Sep 27, 2008

    Smog Nazis? The original KITT ran on some kind of turbine engine. I would imagine this one does too. *whoknows*