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I know Autoblog and TTAC are the Michael and Garth Knight of the autoblogosphere, but I can’t help but reach out across the e-aisle to happily married blogger Alex Nunez and extend him an invitation to live blog auto-related TV shows for TTAC, should AB seek to purge itself of its only writer with cojones (willing to draft 18-wheelers for mpgs, no less). Once again, Nunez nails it. His haiku-like (haiku-esque?) summation of the new but not improved Knight Rider is nothing short of genius. For example, “8:25: Time to defuse KITT, but it’s complicated, natch. I somehow missed the part where he turned into a convertible. Billy’s magic parabolic mic is is recreating the shooting, because you can do anything in Knight Rider, except the one thing that NEEDS to be done at any given moment.” Or “8:49: Blah blah blah, it’s all a setup. Mike wants to stop downloading KITT. It’s too late. We have a Sexy Cheerleader Zoe doppelganger. And she has a gun to Billy’s head. Do it.” Folks, it just doesn’t get any better than that. Kudos.

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    I think he’s trying to be funny and make fun of the show? I don’t know. The post hurts my brain. It’s like reading FARK but without the humorz.

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    If you don’t get it, it’s not for you.

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    Ahhhh….yet another reason to have pitched my TV.

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    Awww… I missed most of it but I did catch the last few minutes including the scene where the doppelganger bites her L-pill. That seemed highly improbable. To put it mildly. Looks like next week is same plot, different actors.

    PBS’ “Secrets of the Dead,” which I did watch in that time slot (without commercials, it ends at :50 past, leaving a few minutes for KITT), was much more interesting. Excellent, in fact. It was a sort of forensic analysis of a dogfight between two very good pilots (an unblooded but skilled American facing a Japanese pilot who already had many kills) that occurred over Guadalcanal in ’42. There was some interesting discussion of the differences between the planes and the tactics the US developed to counter the capabilities of the Zero.

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    I can’t believe the show made it to the fall schedule. I’ll go out on a limb and say that rapidly decling ratings means it *might* make it to the end of this season, but no way it gets renewed.

    80’s nostalgia can only carry you so far when there is (and was) nothing substantial.

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    I get carp like this on TV (dead stinking carp), while something witty, well written, and dare I say hip like Veronica Mars gets cancelled near-but not at-the end of its 3rd season, leaving me and all its other fans (2nd rated show on UPN before the merger with WB) hanging, Arghhh!

    When will Knight Rider just go into that good night?!

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    Brendon from Canada

    @1996MEdition: I’ve been enjoying your commentary – brings a smile to my face.

    We have a nice flat screen mounted in our wall (that was a pain) with a nice surround system. And no cable. And no satellite. I watch BBC stuff from the internet and we buy the occasional regular TV series (ie, my wife is watching “House MD” right now – cheaper to buy the odd “series” when it’s on sale then to pay for even a month of service), and watch it periodically… There’s just not much worth watching on the tube.

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    Last night’s episode was torture I must say. Filler episode. Writer’s must have been sleeping and this is what we got. Probably written by the actors. The only good scene was KITT driving at the end of the episode towards the warehouse headquarters. And that wasn’t even 30 seconds. Good thing I had my laptop nearby to surf other shit.

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    Last night’s episode was lacking its usual high level of gratuituous T&A and KITT kicking some on, and off, road butt. So yes, it was a definite snoozer. We dont care about nerd-guy and his sound wave ‘ray gun’. Just give us some made-up racing, some hot chicks, and seeing the bad guys (not cute chicks) lose in the end.

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    It really was the worst episode in a series not known for its excellent writing or acting, but I watched nonetheless knowing it would make me enjoy Nunez’s liveblog that much more. It’s like an online MST3K for the series. Keep it up, Alex.

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