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Acura has released pricing on the all new 2009 TL, and it ain’t pretty. Nor cheap. The days of an Acura TL in the low 30s are long behind us (though the Acura TSX will happily take your dough), as their “mid-range” sedan is now starting at $35,175. The previous model Acura TL started at $34,485. Should you want to give Acura more of your money, you can opt for a whopping $4270 technology package that includes navigation and hopefully some kind of guided missile system. If the base 3.5-liter V6 with 280 horsepower just doesn’t cut it for you, and front wheel-drive is too 1998, then you can shell out $39k, 265 for the 305 horsepower 3.7-liter V6 featuring SUPER HANDLING ALL WHEEL DRIVE. Should this all be chump change to you because you really wanted a BMW 335i, you could consider the $43,995 TL SH-AWD with the bigger engine, technology package and 19 inch wheels with high performance tires. While this pricing is consistent with the TL’s competitors, it really underscores how this market moved from $30k -$40k, to $35k to $50k. That’s market segment inflation for ya.

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    Just a reminder–TTAC has a pricing feature with a link in the nav bar. Not only can it configure vehicles, but it’ll give you a detailed comparison between two models. I’ll get these prices into the database by tomorrow morning.

    On the TL, it would have to be the SH-AWD for me, if only to get the nifty digital display of the torque distribution front to rear and side to side. The new TL has one, right?

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    I love that. Maybe I’ve watched too many Japanese B-Movies, but it just puts me in mind of the following:

    Kato: “Godzilla is attacking Osaka, what can we do?!”

    Riku: “We must use the Super X’s Super Handling All Wheel Drive!”

    Kato: “Yes! All Super Handling Go!”

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    So very, very ugly.

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    Yup….definitely steering clear of the new TL and deferring to the old one.

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    It’s actually not too bad a shape. Unlike the TSX< it hasn’t been dynamically compromised and, unlike the MDX, the detailing isn’t so bad that you couldn’t grill-swap it into a better-looking car.

    I don’t know if this car has a JDM or EDM equivalent. I know the TSX/Accord and RL/Legend do. Anyone know?

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    But it seems to still allow for more features with the initial pricing.
    Every car seems to end up in the low 4os after adding the nav and sound.
    Its all packages in a shell game.
    The es350 start in upper at 33, then ends up at 43.

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    sure is a butt-ugly styling effort. what ever happened to honda?

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    …then you can shell out $39k, 265 for the 305 horsepower 3.7-liter V6 featuring SUPER HANDLING ALL WHEEL DRIVE.

    How about some GOOD HANDLING REAR WHEEL DRIVE Acura?

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    The North American Accord platform the TL is based on is sold in Japan as the Honda Inspire, no gently re-worked TLs sold overseas though.

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    sure is a butt-ugly styling effort. what ever happened to honda?

    Honda never really made pretty cars. They normally get the shape more or less right, but their stuff has always had bizarre detailing.

    Sometimes they got lucky (the prior two TLs, the first TSX, the 98-02 Accord, most Civics) but they’ve also gone full-bore wacko pretty often (any Prelude, the last CRV, the last two Accords, early Civics, the second Integra, the Element).

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    As an owner of a 2005 TL I find this all of these developments to be outstanding!

    Not only is the new design butt ugly (as opposed to Monica Bellucci, butt fantastic) now it is more expensive then ever.

    I’m thinking of trading in my car this year, and I was getting a little worried about trade in value, however, now – not so much.

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    I don’t know if this car has a JDM or EDM equivalent. I know the TSX/Accord and RL/Legend do. Anyone know?

    interestingly, the USDM TL (built in Ohio I think?) is exported to China and sold as the TL, along with the RL and MDX.

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    While the styling may be subjective, the $40K+ price tag is definitely steep for a TL. Like the Infinity M sedans, the depreciation on this will make a 335i look like a bargain.

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    Damn, that’s an expensive Accord.

    I’ll take an EX-L with all the fixins and save five large over a base TL.

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    Acura still confuses me as to what they’re marketing themselves as. In a segment with BMW (the Ultimate Driving Machine, TM), Lexus (and their passionate pursuit of perfection and time-control – as seen in their commercials), and Infiniti (driving through and shattering giant glass words), what exactly does Acura advance? They’re certainly not on the cutting edge of any technology in the automotive market, and in fact, aren’t they the ones constantly playing catch-up (being one of the last to offer AWD, SH or not)?

    The market segment inflation as Justin mentioned, is quite out of control. It seems that the higher price is really the only thing you’re buying. Oh, and snobbery.

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    If I really wanted SH-AWD, I’d go buy a used RL.

    This thing? Not so much. A shame too, because I really liked the design of the previous model.

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    I still like the 2nd generation the best. It was (and still is) a classy looking sedan with some nice features, great ride, good power, and now is an awesome value. The 3rd generation was also a very cool sedan but was too often compared to vehicles that made it seem let down…of course they seemed to sell well.

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    Acura doesn’t exist yet in Europe, not through official channels and I’ve never seen one here through ‘grey imports’.

    Infiniti was launched just last summer to the European market with most of their US line-up.

    Honda offers the Jazz, Civic, Accord (Euro-accord=TSX, also in Wagon form), FRV (minivan), CRV and Legend.

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    The grill looks better than the G3’s fender vents.

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    The headlights look like they have eyeliner, not exactly a styling cue I’m looking for in a car. That and the funny overhang in front of the grille, it almost looks like you could break it off by going fast into a good headwind.

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    The TL is not entry level luxury anymore, back in 02 I bought a new TL type-s for 27995 out the door. It came only one way, loaded with nav or not, and it was a bargain. For the content everything else was thousands more. Nowadays I can think of plenty of cars I’d buy at the 40k mark instead of a TL.

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    Perhaps it looks better in person. I think the TSX looks alright. Anyhow, price increase is not too bad, base model is ok. those who want AWD have it optional…although a little expensive for the option. Better deal out there but its different alternative. I need to look at new things. If only a peek.

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    Usually, I don’t like SEMA-like aftermarket accessories. However, now that Chrysler 300 sales are tanking, maybe some of the companies that made aftermarket grill kits for it will move on to making aftermarket grill kits to fit the entire Acura lineup. (That grill on the new Honda Pilot is pretty ugly, too.) They should hit the dealers who, I imagine, will be having a hard time moving the ugly Acura metal.

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    Ugly and expensive.

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    Wouldn’t it be fair to test drive the merchandise and all that it offers before commenting on the price?

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    Congratulations Acura on building the next generation Pontiac Bonneville.

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    I personally don’t think the styling is all bad, but as has been said, it’s just not as sharp as the still-great-looking last-gen TL. That said, the new one is a much larger vehicle, and the addition of optional AWD will get some people’s attention.

    The size and feature content is comparable to the 5 series, E class, Lexus GS, Infiniti M, etc, and it’s WAY cheaper than any of those, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells pretty well after all. Same MO, if you think about it, as always for the TL.

    Where does that leave the current RL? Same place it’s been since it was introduced – nowhere.

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    I was speaking with the sales reps at the dealer where I got my TSX a few years back, and every single one told me that the biggest complaint they get on the new TSX is the front grille. I can only imagine that multiplying with the new TL…

    Other than that, the car doesn’t look too damn bad…hell, someone photoshop it with a better grille, and I guarantee the overall opinion on the looks goes right up.

    And I seriously hope the designer who came up with the new grilles was fired…

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