2009 Audi A3 Pricing, Model Changes Released

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
2009 audi a3 pricing model changes released

Audi has released the pricing for the 2009 A3, which I’m comfortable saying is one of the most under-appreciated cars in the U.S. Or one of the most overpriced. Audi’s set pricing at $26,920 for the front-wheel-drive, six-speed manual model equipped with the 2.0T. The top of the line 3.2-liter Quattro variant comes in at $36,975. For the first time for American A3 buyers, the 2.0T is available with Quattro AWD– the first genuinely good reason I’ve heard to buy an Audi A3 rather than a VW GTI. Well, that and the better interior, more prestigious logo, and so on. The A3 2.0T Quattro with S-Tronic (that’s DSG in VW-speak) will weigh-in at $28,400. Leather seats become standard on all A3s. Audi is not offering a Quattro version of the A3 with a manual transmission, meaning many of you will likely say “deal breaker.” But it’s not because Audi hates you. Audi PR manager Christian Bokich tells me:

This is a tough one where we have to balance personal tastes with business numbers. Automatics are 85+% of our mixes of every engine in most cases of regular models (S/RS excluded), so we can usually bring in one combination of an engine/transmission/drivetrain. S tronic meets business needs because of its sporty nature. Regardless of our personal tastes and desires, we are faced with such difficult decisions every day and make the best of them and we’re convinced this is the best balance for the customer. Keep in mind it costs tens of millions to homologate each of these combos just for the USA (even with world engines), so that might help illustrate why we only can bring in one combination, which is better than not bringing them at all. Our AUDI AG colleagues really do bend over backwards for us, I’m glad to report.
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  • Dan Dan on Sep 09, 2008

    As an owner of a 2008 A3, a few thoughts: Audi clearly doesn't understand how hot it gets in a southern state in the summer. My "open sky system" (front and back sunroofs with windowshade-like blinds that still let in tons of light), an expensive "option" that I couldn't get the car without, arrange for the car to be blisteringly hot if I dare park it outside. (And I already had the side windows and sunroof windows tinted.) The leather seats are perfectly comfortable. Audi just needs to add a/c to the seats so they're less hot. Likewise, given that my wife and I are a full foot different in height, I really wish they had memory seats. They're already electric. Why not spend the extra two cents? Audi did a surprisingly good job on the Bluetooth integration, and a surprisingly stupid job on the iPod integration. Mapping playlists to a virtual 6-CD changer? Oh please. As to whether somebody will buy the 2009 model with the AWD and the 2.0T, I somehow doubt it. If you want zoom-zoom, you're probably getting the bigger engine. If you want decent mileage, you're clearly skipping the AWD. So who does that leave getting the AWD + 2.0T combo? People who don't want to pay for the faster engine but absolutely need AWD. If you're budget constrained and you need AWD, you're not looking at an Audi A3. You're looking at a Subaru.

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Sep 09, 2008

    It's an attractive car, and if I were a smaller person, I might see it. Still, the price is high considering the engine reliability. I have accepted the given that buying german means taking a roll of the dice on electric failures, but I will be damned if I will accept this engine's reputation.

  • Jmo Jmo on Sep 09, 2008

    "Mapping playlists to a virtual 6-CD changer? Oh please." Tell me about it. Can someone tell me why iPod interfaces suck so much? I have a GTI and I couldn't imagine them designing a more inferior interface if they tried. "I were a smaller person, I might see it." Are you tall? I am and VW's and Mini's are two of the few cars that I drive without the seat all the way back. The size of a car and how much front seat leg room they have are often weakly corelated.

  • Zedmanauk Zedmanauk on Sep 09, 2008

    Your prices are different than the ones on the Audi USA website. Their 2009 A3 builder has the 2.0T FWD S-tronic at $28,400 and the 2.0T Quattro S-Tronic at $30,500. Your prices for the 2.0T FWD manual and the 3.2 are the same.