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The one to beat?As far as we can tell from the carparazzi shots, the production Beat's proportions will be similar to those of the show-car; with two rear doors. In detail, the car will be a lot different. You can tell most of the differences only by looking at the original green concept Beat. The Transformers-like spoiler of the concept is clearly not destined for the production car. The vehicle in the spyshots shows a boring lower grill with horizontal and vertical stripes. I tried to make it cool looking, but that thing would only work for a retro design. The only elements I can identify as being interesting and modern on the camouflaged car are the lights. They seem to follow the dynamic shape seen on the green prototype with a nice mix of optical elements. Whether this will Beat or get beaten is hard to tell; the competition in Europe's micro-car class is really heating-up.

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16 Comments on “TTAC Photochop: Chevy Beat...”

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    It just looks like its going to be cramped. I know that doesn’t mean a whole lot, but that seems like a massive front end for a car that size.

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    Kind of ugly with the giant front and its proportions, and then the rest is plane boring. I know the Beat isn’t coming here, since GM likes to lie to us(not that I would buy one), but if they are going to sell it in europe, why wouldn’t they be able to make it crash compliant for teh States. They have equally stringent safety standards.

    Back to the rendering, why have they recently had these rear wheels that pop out in that strange manner? It just doesn’t look right to me and with theose tiny wheels it looks even dumber.

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    Chevy sure swung the Ugly Stick at this thing.

    If it looks like this, it will combine all the worst features of the Yaris hatch (ugly nose), the Aveo sedan (even uglier nose), Versa (ugly rear roofline), and Smart (what did they do with those rear tires?)

    Leave it to the General to assemble a mongrel like this…if any manufacturer would do this, it would be them.

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    Stan V

    Only a Chinese gymnast under 5′ tall will fit through those rear doors.

    It head yet to Beat the Fit (haHA!).

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    It looks like a Yaris.


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    It’s always the same… once the radical/innovative elements have been toned down for the production version, all the awkward/ugly aspects come to the fore.

    This need to follow in the footsteps of the Kei cars like the Mitsubishi that was shown recently in NY. Won’t happen in the US tho.

    BTW, the back wheels have to be outboard or they can’t get the seats far enough back to give enough room for people because of intruding wheelwells.

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    Chevy sure swung the Ugly Stick at this thing.

    Yeah, unlike the Fit, Yaris, Versa, or Aveo. Those are real lookers, I tell ya.

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    Usta Bee

    What Chevy needs to do is come up with a new technology or styling feature that none of it’s competitors have…….WINGVENTS !.

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    Finally GM tried to make a small functional car, and a hatch to that, and everyone is complaining that it’s ugly. It looks just like all the other small hatches on the market, so get over it. I regret GM is not bringing it stateside.

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    On a second pass, it looks suspiciously like a Yaris. I wonder if GM will rebadge and resell ala Chevy Prizm.

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    What difference does it make?
    We’re not getting it anyway, right?

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    If it’s cheap and gets good gas mileage (when gas is expensive), ugly sells. Look at the craptacular new Focus. Young consumers love that bizarre looking ‘trendy’ and ‘hip’ shit when that’s all they can afford. Smart fortwo orders are backed up for like a year now.

    That’s the real reason the Aztek failed. GM simply priced it out of the market that would have bought those ugly things.

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    Mr. Avarvarii,

    I bet you are right on with this rendition. If you cross your eyes slightly, you’ll see the proportions of this are a dead ringer for the current Aveo…it’s just got improved style on the front end, that’s all. And that fits GM’s investment style…as easy as can be. We don’t want this in the USA; it’s going to be a dog.

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    Stan V :
    August 15th, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    Only a Chinese gymnast under 5′ tall will fit through those rear doors.

    That a good thing. None of them are old enough to drive.

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    Ease up guys!

    Its not like this will be for sale in North America anyhow.

    Also, since GM is announcing it now, that means we got about 5 years before it actually makes it to production.

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    Martin Schwoerer

    Andrei, to me your rendition looks like a slightly-improved version of the present Opel Agila / Suzuki Splash. Or is my vision cloudy today?

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