Mayor to Citizens of Warren MI: Buy American to Support My Cronies

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

Last month we told you Warren. Michigan Mayor Jim Fouts had the answer to Detroit's problems in the form of tax deductions for interest on auto loans. Now, in a video interview with the Detroit Free Press' Ron Dzwonkowski, we hear the next phase of his plan to save the American auto industry: ordering city employees to buy American cars. But its not flag-waving patriotism or national pride that drives him to do so. Nope, as with most politicians, it's all about the money. He explains that GM and Chrysler are the largest employers in Warren and "without the success of General Motors and Chrysler, the city of Warren would not be able to pay my political appointees the good salaries that they make." Well, at least he's honest about his motivation.

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  • Ra_pro Ra_pro on Aug 26, 2008

    The only way to understand and kind of agree with this philosophy is by keeping in mind that 'desperate times call for desperate measures'. I don't know much about American rust belt but I do believe these are desperate times. The loss of any of Detroit 3 will have devastating effects on millions of people. I personally believe it will devastating effect on the whole but obviously I am a small minority here. I am continuously surprised to see Americans posting on this blog basically giving their countrymen finger because they think it's not their problem. I am amazed how good ol' US of A can even exist as a country with attitudes like these.

  • Frank Williams Frank Williams on Aug 26, 2008
    leothelionator What do you mean “buy American”? What is truly American anymore? Don’t American companies outsource to Mexico and other countries for production and parts? Yes. There's a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealer here that's running an ad where they proclaim "Be American... Buy American!" And then they advertise their clearance sale prices for a Mexican-built PT Cruiser and a Canadian-built Town & Country.
  • Hal Hal on Aug 27, 2008

    @ ra_pro: I think every American would like to see Ford, GM and Chrysler succeed but we are looking at bailing them out with taxpayer funds because they have been badly managed. When they were making massive profits from SUVs and trucks they failed to invest and ceded basically the entire car market to the Japanese. They outsourced production to Mexico and elsewhere while the Japanese were building plants in North America. Handouts for GM won't improve the management just line their pockets.

  • Midwestdipstick Midwestdipstick on Sep 08, 2008

    No big deal, I can see his request as a valid concept. If you live in Warren you ought to support the companies in Warren that employ most of the city, pays the utilities and taxes of most people and keeps the streets paved, the laundromats and starbucks working. If they were to leave, more than those at the plant loose their livelyhoods. I doubt he can force them to do so unless it's a condition of employment, when you enter employment and accept a job you accept the conditions the employer sets. As to Japanese vehicles being better, well my wifes lowley Ford Edge is every bit as well put together as the Lexus RX350 we test drove and it's way better than her RX300 it replaces. In fact the Edge has more room, more power and as good mileage for $15K less. There are some very well put together US models, that get great mileage and don't cost an arm and a leg. Before you strike out, Lexus, Acura, Honda, Toyota and Nissan's - owned one or more of them as well at one time.... Lets include the Break My Wallet BMW Gang - the one company with great looking expensive cars that most aftermarket warranty companies won't write, wonder why... if they are so well manufactured. Yep owned a Beemer as well... Japanese bias is simply that, bias. JMO maybe we should let them both go bankrupt, clear the debt, dump the huge benefits for retiree expenses and get back to a clean profitable company that can outdesign and outperform the competition.