China's Changfeng Laughs at HUMMER. Allegedly.

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
chinas changfeng laughs at hummer allegedly

Reuters quotes a source with "direct knowledge of the matter" (i.e. themselves) that claims Chinese SUV maker Changfeng Motor Co. took at a look at buying GM's Dead Brand Stunting and said "Hahahahaha. No." More journalistically, "Changfeng, partly owned by Mitsubishi Motors Corp decided not to proceed with the talks after a tour of Hummer's U.S. production facility, as it saw only limited potential for it to market the vehicle, the source said. 'The Hummer is way too expensive for the Chinese military and demand from civilian buyers is not big enough to justify a purchase, especially with oil prices running near an all-time high,' the source said." OK, if that doesn't sound like a made-up quote, nothing does. Despite the fact that Reuters should have filed this one under Wild Ass Rumor, it's certainly true that the HUMMER brand is a drug on the market, and it ain't Viagra. CNN reports that India's Mahindra and Mahindra is also taking a pass. A fter Russian "oligarch" Oleg Deripaska said "nyet."

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  • Lynn Ellsworth Lynn Ellsworth on Aug 18, 2008
    a worhtless, utterly useless, but very expensive “Hummer” (no different than waste your money on hookers). Hey, I resent that. If you are as ugly as I am a hooker may be the only option.

  • OTTO SALES OTTO SALES on Aug 18, 2008

    Of Course the Government wanted Hummer!

  • Dimwit Dimwit on Aug 18, 2008

    This was obvious. What is there to sell? Plans? Dealership network? The name? They certainly weren't going to sell anyone the Tahoe assembly plant. To paraphrase Gertrude Stein: There was no there, there.

  • Cheezeweggie Cheezeweggie on Aug 18, 2008
    The concept as Hummer as a brand was flawed from the get go. Only a few “American Businessmen” were stupid and greedy enough to waste money on a brand that is made up of quesdo-qasi-military vehicles (and two merely designed to look that way) for “recreational” use. Isn't that what Jeep turned out to be ?