Bugatti Collection Beggars Belief, Bank Accounts

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
bugatti collection beggars belief bank accounts

So, the Bugatti Veyron is an expensive buy at over a million bucks per. Buy it as a limited-edition model retouched by Hermes or some other fashion house and you'll have to phone Zurich to free-up another half-million plus. While you're liquidating your assets to buy your own piece of 1k hp heaven, consider for a moment that your Veyron investment isn't properly projecting your considerable status when it's sitting in the garage. Which will likely be most of the time. What's a plutocrat to do? Luckily, Bugatti is more than happy to sell you a whole line of clothing, luggage and accessories to remind the unwashed just how exquisite your taste is. Of course, the Bugatti Collection requires the same commitment to relentless status projection as the Veyron to justify its head-spinning price list. Want an official Bugatti keychain? That will be 99 Euros. An umbrella sells for 279 Euros, while clothing sells from 119 Euros for a Polo shirt to 399 Euros for a quilted jacket. The cheapest officially-licensed Bugatti gear to be had? A baseball hat for 39 Euros. Oh well, the Bugatti program has to make money for its Wolfsburg overlords somehow. God knows it's not making profit on the Veyron.

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  • Alex Nigro Alex Nigro on Aug 05, 2008

    I don't want to know the price for the targa-top Veyron...

  • Rtz Rtz on Aug 05, 2008

    I'd get one cause it's cheap and tacky. Goes with that 1970's trucker hat theme. I'd take a sanding disk to the brim and fray it for additional style points and wear it with some camo pants. With my $60 hat; the chicks would dig me for sure.

  • JEC JEC on Aug 06, 2008

    So? You'll spend the same money at a Mercedes dealer. Or more if you buy anything with a Ferrari badge (which is just for nitwits who buy car-themed junk at inflated prices to look "cool" when they aren't spotted piloting their Corolla. I have yet to spot a Ferrari owner who owns as much Ferrari branded clothing as a pimply 18 year old, except maybe the 30 000$ millionaires who drive around in ratty 308s and Mondials). The real plutocrat accessory is the Parmigiani Bugatti watch. "Retails" for somewhere north of 200000$.

  • Capeplates Capeplates on Aug 07, 2008

    If you can afford the car you aint going to quibble over the price of accessories