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Mercedes called.  They said something about copyright infrigement.Gourmet restaurants and McDonalds both serve salads. Both establishments offer greens, vegetables and some kind of dressing. Setting aside Mickey D's portion-controlled, polymer-intensive presentation, I doubt anyone would confuse the two salads based on appearance or taste. But what of a "proper" premium sedan and the Kia Amanti? It's an intriguing idea: an upmarket midsize sedan at a family sedan price. Cutting out a badge-related price premium is always tempting… but seldom worth it.

There's no discounting presentation here: the Amanti sheetmetal embodies its upmarket aspirations, and bombs. Kia's range-topper faces the world with an unmitigated knockoff of a last-generation E-class' front end (sans hood ornament). From the side, the Amanti's roofline brings to mind a 1995 Chrysler LHS. Vertical taillights and a bustle-butt truck lifted from a 1999 Bentley Arnage bring up the rear. Taken as a whole, the Amanti stands out in a parking lot like a black cat in a dark room. 

Nope, that\'s not a nav system.  It\'s just a really tacky digital readout.The Amanti's "premium" amenities are a study in contradiction. Germanically-firm-yet-supportive bucket seats are upholstered in glove-soft leather. But the windowsills are rock-hard and about an inch wide. Adjustable pedals are optional. A telescoping steering column isn't. The instrument cluster bedazzles with electroluminescent gauges. But there's no satellite radio or MP3 input for the sound system.

The four-door offers its occupants eight air bags to help survive a crash, but you have to pay for stability and traction controls to help avoid one. The Amanti has power locks. But they can't be set to lock automatically. A dual zone automatic temp control is standard, but your sat nav system will have to come via a suction cup. 

The four-inch screen in the center of the dash promises a nav system– and delivers a trip computer, radio, temp and time with white "toothpick" numbers against a black background. While the door-mounted seat adjuster on the passenger's side looks like the eight-way control for the driver's side, it just moves the seat fore and aft and reclines it. In spite of the supple leather on the seats, plastic of all textures dominates.

If you want to hide, just drive one of these into a crowded parking lot and stay in it.  No one will ever notice you.If you pay $1.6k for the "premium package" everything's in black, save an aluminum band across the dashboard, the switch markings and the headliner. 

Space you got, and lots of it. Up front, Indiana Jones fans may affix their preferred head gear. The back seat's chair-height seating is even more impressive. Even with the front seat adjusted for my 6'3" frame, my 6'5" son sat comfortably behind me. There's plenty of room for four, or even five, more statistically representative humans; the Amanti's cavernous trunk can easily handle the luggage they'll need (provided at least two are male).

The Amanti's ride is more than good-I mean, "supple" enough to lure a [the?] octogenarian out of his Mercury Grand Marquis. The Korean sedan floats over highway bumps with the kind of ease once lauded as "an easy chair on wheels." The 3.8-liter 264hp V6 powering the pastiche is virtually silent while cruising. Depending on how much speed you're demanding, increasing your rate of progress produces a coarse growl. The indecisive transmission then tries to find a lower gear and… you're off. The powerplant's 260 lb-ft of torque finally kicks in and you move out smartly, or cheaply, whichever.  

A decent engine in search of a decent transmissionAny attempted change in direction proves what anyone who understands automotive dynamics 101 will have deduced from the paragraph above.  Double wishbones up front and a multi-link setup out back promise more than they can deliver.  Combine them with numb, over-boosted steering and anything approximating spirited driving requires a level of skill best employed on a driving sim. 

And then there's branding…

When most people think Kia, they think cheap. The corollary: questionable build quality and dubious resale values. While nothing broke down or fell off during the week I drove the Amanti, the ignition switch was already loose enough to wiggle in its housing.

Although hardly anyone would pay the Amanti's $31,695 sticker price, an estimated first-year depreciation rate of around 50 percent should give the prospective buyer serious pause. More specifically, from January through June of this year, Kia sold 2,090 Amantis. Some 1,117 of those were sold in June. If that doesn't reek of fleet sales, I don't know what does. 

At least the bustle butt covers a huge trunkBy the same token, if you'd like a comfortable, reasonably economical car that would be big enough for a family of four (or if grandpa wants to downsize from his Town Car) just wait a couple of years. By then you should be able to buy a 2008 Amanti for a third what it cost new. Of course, the same sort of depreciation applies to the "real thing"– only at a slightly slower pace. Timely gratification, cheap or luxurious. Choose one.

(Kia of North America supplied the car, insurance, and a tank of gas)

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46 Comments on “2008 Kia Amanti Review...”

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    I have despised this car since the moment I first laid eyes on it. It’s a visual abomination, and an ugly hodgepodge of styling cues cribbed from more expensive competition.

    To be fair, I’ve never driven one, though. Hey, at least it has the better V6; the Kia Sportage has a 2.7 liter V6 with 173 horsepower, and a flat horsepower (not torque) curve that seems to peak around 2500 RPMs. The big 3.8 sounds much better.

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    “Cutting out a badge-related price premium is always tempting… but seldom worth it.”

    Frank: This is a great line and I agree with it. It jives with my personal experience.

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    the Hyundai Azera is a much better car in my opinion and the cost is about the same if not less. I think the Amanti’s days are numbered if sales are that slow.

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    hey looks like a Mercedes-Benz and the rear looks like a car that is use for limo service.

    Ugly? If they give this for free I will take it. beggars can’t be choosers.

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    While Kia may have wanted to compete against the Germans, I think they do have a car that is a worthy adversary for Buick and the Crown Vic/Grand Marquis.

    That said, does it matter? Probably not. The Panther twins and Buick aren’t doing so hot, so they really aren’t much of a target. But hey, at least mid to full-size sedan renters have some choice.

    And it probably would make a decent used car buy in a few years.

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    In a sea of true luxury cars: cadillacs, benzes and Bemmers, the Kia Amanti stands out as a “visual abomination” to quote Chrishak above.

    I never liked their design and yes they are a ripoff.

    However, when you are a first time driver, and go into a used car dealership, and have a choice between a fully loaded Kia Amanti for $15,000 and other cars that may be older models or come with less features, people without brand consciousness, alot of money or automotive taste will easily find themselves buying a car like this.

    I used to be a total racist against lower end Japanese and Korean cars (Daewoo,Honda, Hyundai and Scion), but as time goes by, cars like the Hyundai Genesis are produced and they are so good they have the ability to change minds.

    If I were in the market for a car right now I’d get a loaded V8 Genesis since its not just a ripoff of the LExus and the Benz – but, a pretty good car.

    the only way I could find myself in an Amanti is if I was vacationing in South Korea (or another foreign country) and there was nothing else but “lesser cars”

    You’ve gotta ask yourself: what exactly is a luxury car?

    If you go by the S63, Michael Karesh – then a luxury car is a vehicle filled with extremely expensive chrome, wood, fiber optics and leather seats with a hundred motors for air flow, heating, cooling, driver dynamic bolsters and massage.
    But the way I see it, “luxury” is a weasel word used to sell cars.

    When gasoline is $4.20 a gallon, and insurance is a ripoff, just driving a car at all becomes a luxury.

    My thought is that all “luxury” cars nowadays should include:
    Leather seats
    GPS Navigation with XM/sirius addons like navtraffic or digital radio
    multi piece speaker systems with subwoofers
    A powerful engine in terms of power/weight ratio
    soft riding suspensions or sport tuned suspensions

    Many people will argue that the Chrysler 300 is more luxury than the Hyundai Genesis while others would argue that the Genesis is far better than the 300.

    Both are right because luxury is subjective.

    For some people, an Amanti is perfect.

    That’s why they sell at all.

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    The exterior styling is a disaster, and the Amanti is short on toys, but you won’t find a more comfortable or nicely finished interior for $30,000.

    At the 2007 Chicago show I found myself in an S-Class with a couple of benchmarking engineers from a major Japanese OEM. One asked me which interiors I liked, and I said one they wouldn’t expect was the Kia Amanti.

    One responded that he also thought the Amanti interior among the best for the price, but listed a couple of shortcomings. I informed him that they fixed those with the 2007 refresh.

    At which point those two engineers got out of the S63 to go take another look at the Kia.

    The windowsills might be hard–in which $30,000 car aren’t they?–but the armrests aren’t.

    Not enough of these in TrueDelta’s panel to include the model in our reliability survey.

    Can always use more participants.

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    “an easy chair on wheels.”
    Hyundai and Kia really really need to figure out what they are going to do with those two brands. Back when Len Hunt went to Kia (for all of 5 minutes) I remember hearing that Kia would be the sporty/youth brand and that Hyundai would provide easy chairs on wheels. Yet Hyundai is bringing over the I30 Estate as the Elantra Touring with a “suspension tuned for added feel and responsiveness”, and is also working on that Genesis-based RWD sports coupe. Is Kia destined to only have the leftovers and rebadged Hyundais? Is the Soul going to be enough to differentiate them from Hyundai?

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    Anyone who thinks this car is a worthy competitor to the Grand Marquis doesn’t know what he is talking about. Comparing this POS front-driver to the body-on-frame V8 RWD panther is pathetic.

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    I’ve driven the previous version. After spending my 20’s driving sport sedans, and test driving the Amanti as a joke, I found that I loved it. I wound up buying an ES300 instead, but even that car doesn’t ride as well as the Kia, and noise levels are comparable.
    Not having a nav system or telescopic steering is a bummer, and it isn’t pretty, but I understand the appeal of old-man cars like this.
    Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more Buick-like cars here, especially the Chinese market Park Avenue and Lacrosse.

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    That thing screams “Korean Jaguar S-Type”.

    Only good thing on this car is the 3.8 V6. Other than that, I’d recommend this car to anyone shopping around for a Buick Lucerne or Lincoln Town Car.

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    @alcibiades: looks like you may be on mr. Farago’s anti-flaming policy’s short end very soon.

    From a layout perspective, the Amanti competes more with FWD buicks, but those same Buicks DO compete with the grand marquis, as most drivers of those cars (and of others, for that matter) don’t know or care which wheel propel the car.

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    I do like the LED front turn-signals. About the only original idea. Otherwise, I’d shop elsewhere for a car of similiar comfort or features.

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    Serious question: which knockoff has the worst styling, the Hyundai XG350, or the Kia Amanti?

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    No one who intends to buy a Lincoln Town car would EVER consider looking at a Kia.

    Lincoln buyers are LOYALISTS. They won’t buy any product made outside FoMoCo

    and yes, this does look like a Jaguar. Why did the editor equate it with the E class? It looks JUST like a Jaguar. If I pulled the kia badges off and put a jaguar statue on the grill, I’d confuse jag owners.

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    The editor isn’t the first one to equate the Amanti with a Mercedes.

    The front end has more in common with a W210-chassis E-class than with a Jaguar S-type. The oval headlights and more rectangular grill.

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    Hey now, I drive a Grand Marquis, and I know which wheels drive the vehicle. I also know how to fix just about anything on the vehicle, if I so needed.

    I have to back up the poster above – there is absolutely no way an Amanti compares to a Grand Marquis, unless you are the “buy every three years” kind of buyer.

    In five years when the Amanti is falling apart, the Panther is just hitting it’s stride.

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    Back during the real estate boom here in Florida, this was many realtors ride of choice. They would get these on the cheap, take the kia badge off the back, put 100,000 miles on them and then dump them.

    Pretentious, copy cat styling with no real substance. Looked valuable but it wasn’t. Lost tons of value quickly. The perfect car for selling south florida condos with.

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    A styling “abomination”? Gee, this is a tough crowd. Or maybe the age distribution is skewed toward the under-30 crowd. The Amanti is a Korean Buick, OK? Similar shortcomings, similar depreciation. But it is quiet, has a lot of nice touches, has comfortable accommodations for people who prefer sitting in a chair instead of on the floor, is a half-foot shorter than a Lucerne and has better visibility. Like they say, celebrate diversity.

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    One of the uglier cars on US roads, in my opinion. Not since the 1959 Chevy have such discordant styling themes been blended with such disasterous results. I don’t see the Benz E Class at the front; it reminds me more of that big Lancia that the Pope rides in (another not-so-pretty sedan.)

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    The Kia Amanti reminds me of my youth, growing up in LA in the late 70’s early 80’s because I’d see VW’s and Caddy’s with Rolls Royce [style] grills grafted onto them!

    This Kia Amanti reminds me of those experiments in style gone wrong.


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    Flashpoint :


    No one who intends to buy a Lincoln Town car would EVER consider looking at a Kia.

    Lincoln buyers are LOYALISTS. They won’t buy any product made outside FoMoCo

    You may have a point, although the amount of Amantis I’ve seen driving around down here in the left lane at 45 mph of a 60 mph highway may say otherwise…no offence now.

    The only E-Class styling I see in this car is the grille, other than that its all Jaguar: 4 point headlights, curved roofline, distinct C-pillar shape, cropped rear end. Wait a minute…that last picture of the Amanti’s read end, looks kinda like a Town Car from that rear 3/4 look.

    I still believe people in the market for this car don’t really care which wheels drive the vehicle, as long as the ride is floaty, supple, semi-luxurious and quiet….sounds like a Linmercuik alright.

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    Hyundai and Kia really really need to figure out what they are going to do with those two brands. Back when Len Hunt went to Kia (for all of 5 minutes) I remember hearing that Kia would be the sporty/youth brand and that Hyundai would provide easy chairs on wheels. Yet Hyundai is bringing over the I30 Estate as the Elantra Touring with a “suspension tuned for added feel and responsiveness”, and is also working on that Genesis-based RWD sports coupe. Is Kia destined to only have the leftovers and rebadged Hyundais? Is the Soul going to be enough to differentiate them from Hyundai?

    I can’t agree more with this assessment. Hyundai seems to be doing a GM with it’s brand management. There’s the occasional glimmer of sanity (Rondo, Genesis sedan) but there’s an awful lot of stupid.

    Anyone who thinks this car is a worthy competitor to the Grand Marquis doesn’t know what he is talking about. Comparing this POS front-driver to the body-on-frame V8 RWD panther is pathetic.

    The Panthers are awful cars. They’re slow yet still thirsty, the suspension is a bad combination unsettled and sloppy, the steering response is best described as “eventually”, the usable space is quite poor, the seats uncomfortable and the passenger crash performance is wretched, especially for such a massive vehicle. Sure, the cop-spec versions handle ok, but the ride is even worse.

    Oh, and aside from being fixable with a sledgehammer and duct tape, they’re not actually that reliable. Electronics, engine components and subsidiary systems are problematic next to a industry-standard competitors. But yes, when they do break, they’re cheap and easy to fix.

    I’d take the Amanti over a Panther-platform car any day, especially if it was a personal purchase and definitely if I had no intention of doing my own maintenance. The Panther platform is a good car for fleets, just as the Ford F550 is a solid work truck and the Lotus Elise is a good track car Outside of their niche, they’re really bad choices.

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    Here is an example of a W210 E-class:

    And the Jaguar S-Type:

    The KIA is much more similiar to the Mercedes. From three standpoints (my perspective):

    1. The way the fender and hood (of the KIA and MB) rolls over the headlight is less curved than the Jaguar and further outboard.

    2. The headlights (both pairs) are more oval-shaped than circular on the KIA and MB than the Jag.

    3. The secondary lights (city/highbeam) size is relatively smaller on the KIA and MB, than on the Jag. In a scaled manner.

    I apologize for being nitpicky…I actually studied this for a while when I had parked the E next to an Amanti a year or so back. A rip-off is a rip-off. And really, the Amanti would be much better if the grill would have been a bit smaller or more refined.

    EDIT: I was looking at a few pictures of the Amanti, and it looks like the grill is wider than before. I also kinda liked the previous dashboard a bit. More fitting with the vehicle, a long stretching cowl like an older Town Car.

    Still, for the money I’d get a Five Hundred or the Mercury version. Especially after I saw, locally, about one that rolled 9 times and the roof didn’t cave. And the driver got out with just some scratches and soreness. Add in AWD for the Rockies and a rather efficient drivetrain…you’ve got one helluva large cruiser.

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    A styling “abomination”? Gee, this is a tough crowd. Or maybe the age distribution is skewed toward the under-30 crowd. The Amanti is a Korean Buick, OK?

    In other words, it’s a styling abomination.

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    A styling “abomination”? Gee, this is a tough crowd.

    I realize that the effort was intended to borrow from Mercedes, but the actual result is appallingly bad, producing one of the ugliest cars on the road today.

    That is, without a doubt, the worst front end of any sedan sold in America. It’s a stark contrast to Hyundai’s team, which did a very nice job of ripping off…er, I mean borrowing from the S-class. The Kia guys down the hall apparently didn’t graduate as high up in the class.

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    TEXN you are right there is no way this car looks like a Jaguar especially without the Jaguar emblem or symbol in the middle of the hood.

    It really looks like the E-class. I am not sure what model but they look exactly the same.
    The only thing it makes a differencr is the grill.

    The front looks like an E-Class and the rear end looks like a crown victory the only thing is missing is the plate that says “Livery”

    The price is unacceptable I rather buy the 2009 Mitsubishi Ralliart with almost the same horsepower of the Evo X and very very fun to drive.

    My friend who said I rather go to soccer games driving a 08 Lancer than driving a Van or SUV.

    I feel different drivng a Lancer than being called a soccer dad.

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    Michael Ayoub

    For a couple thousand more, you can have a real car: the Hyundai Genesis.

  • avatar

    The Camry V6 is a real luxury car. Super soft suspension, extremely quiet, extremely fast, navigation system, heated leather seats, rear reclining seats, alloy wheels. All for slightly less. Higher resale value, too.

    You have to think outside of the box when considering cars like these. It seems like a bargain when compared to an E-class or whatever else, but not so much when you look around a bit more.

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    This is the wrong price point to attempt a ‘knockoff’ car.

    Think of all the cars that sell for $32K – there’s some real live gems in there – stuff with quite a bit of machismo like a Charger R/T – stuff with a brand name like Cadillac CTS – a bit more and you can be a BMW or C Class Zombie.

    Might have been better to produce a kind of Impala LTZ that would sell for $23K – ironically that part of the market is actually LESS crowded with really competitive, really satisfying and feature packed cars.

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    I think 50Merc is right when he says that this must be a younger (under 30) crowd that absolutely hates how this car looks. But I disagree that this is a Korean Buick in styling. Buicks are bland but not offensive, this Amanti paradoxically manages to be simultaneously bland AND offensive. It is absolutely hideous.

    And psarhjinian man, quick, edit your post before it’s too late. You DO NOT want to piss off the PPC (Panther Platform Cult).

    Agree with everything you said about those cars though, they are kind of terrible but when you consider that at the end of it’s lifetime you could get a decently optioned new Grand Marquis for 18K or even less if you looked around. Maybe at 20K+ it’s not such a good car but given it’s attributes in the sub-20K range I think it’s pretty exemplary (but then again this was when gas was still 2.00 dollars a gallon.)

    Hopefully this will manage to placate the PPC.

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    I can’t understand why they continue to import this thing? I would imagine that they’re an embarrassment to a lot of Kia dealers.

    If Kia insists on having a car above the Optima, borrow the Azera platform from Hyundai and start from there.

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    Funny, when I first saw the grille on the Amanti, I thought: “Studebaker Hawk”. And the name is not dissimilar to another famous Stude: “Avanti”.

    Coincidence? I think not!

    At 32k, this car is a bummer, a swing and a miss, a fumble on the two-yard-line. Kia must be nuts to think it will sell, as it completely departs from the “value” theme of the brand. Why would anybody consider this over an Azera (unless the rebates are flying).

  • avatar

    Remember The GM electric car was pulled out in the market only in 2004.

    General Motors is now losing money and thousands of workers are laid off.

    If General Motors wasn’t so STUPID to pull those electric cars in California they will be the leading electric car manufacturer in the world

    Hyundai is also planning to built Hybrid cars and please accept them for what they are.

    Daniel Dingel a Filipino who invented a water powered car 4 decades ago. he retired from NASA and went back to the Philippines to invent a Hydrogen car but the 2 government never knowledge his invention and still his name is unknown.

  • avatar

    Every time I see one of these, I wonder why someone on ebay isn’t selling fake Mercedes E-class grilles as an Amanti accessory.

    This would certainly make about as much sense as the fake fender vents that seem to be sprouting from the flanks of many cars these days…

  • avatar

    I agree with shaker. I saw Studebaker

  • avatar

    i think this car looks fine – it looks like all the other camryesque cars out there. it could be any of them, or perhaps a pontiac or a chevy.

    as for the ford panther cars, i dont get them at all. heavy, floatsome, bad steering, lousy acceleration and horrendous milage. They are even bad taxis. Impossable to get in to and outof.

    i love the studebaker hawk too. im not sure i think this one looks like it tho.

  • avatar

    One of the problems with the Kia Amanti is going to be the dealerships. A friend of mine got into this a few years ago when he tried a VW Tourag to replace his BMW X5.

    The VW dealership simply didn’t have a clue about the high-end customer service that VW was promising for the Phaeton and the Tourag. He’d have to fight them every time for a loaner car (they’d tell him they didn’t give loaner cars and he’d have to pull out his paperwork); they’d always forget to wash his car, or worse (they washed it with a window open so the kid doing it could listen to his stereo). Note that I’m saying nothing about problems with the vehicle itself – it’s about the ownership experience.

    The car itself may be OK, but when you start to enter the near-luxury price range, you also have to compete with Acura/BMW/Lexus/Caddy/Infiniti/Jaguar/Mercedes customer service levels.

    I don’t believe that Kia or Hyundai are going to get many converts from buyers of those brands, which raises a question for me:

    Who IS the customer for this car?

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    I saw one today. The Amanti looks like a Jag S-Type with Down’s Syndrome.

  • avatar
    blue adidas

    This car is a massive fail. I can’t compare it to a Crown Vic because the Panther platform cars are almost entirely intended as livery or municipal vehicles. They can go for 300,000 miles and collision damage can be fixed relatively easily. Yeah they suck, but they’re disposable after three years of hard service. The Amanti cant do this and isn’t supposed to. It should be judged by a higher standard because it is intended as a consumer vehicle. And in spite of the opinions about Buick on this forum, the Lucerne and Lacrosse sell very well, especially in many parts of the country where there is a high concentration of people over 60. These people like Buick and Avalon types of cars. The Amanti should have been a homerun. If it just weren’t so damn awful in every way.

  • avatar

    The Amanti is actually one of the nicest cars I’ve ever sat in.
    You can get a 2007 with less than 15K miles for under $19k.
    If this car doesn’t sell well it is entirely due to the Kia brand name.

  • avatar

    This thing might well be a nice car, but it looks pretty bad to put it mildly. My initial thought was also E-class, followed by a “what the hell is that” moment.

    Speaking of Kia this thing actually doesn’t look quite as bad as Kia Borrego sounds, apparently Borrego is Portuguese for “Sheep up to one year of age; Good and pacific person excessively; Very tame animal”. So it’s a fluffy and comfortable, quiet SUV which just also happens to sound like a nasty disease? This name works about as well as Mitsubishi Pajero does in Spain.

  • avatar

    I got an Amante at a rental previously because it fit the size to cost ratio nicely in rental figures. It wasn’t a bad ride at all, honestly. It isn’t something I would personally purchase, but for what it was worth as a rental car, it was just fine.

    It drove smoothly, had decent power to cope with air conditioning & some mild hills, and was plenty roomy. Just put a bag over her head and all is good.

  • avatar

    I the looks of this car. It looks like a holdover from the 90s – one of those styling exercises that should never have hit the road. That grille gives me the same reaction as the father of Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer when his nose glows – eeeooowww!

    The Amanti doesn’t fit in with the other fine (and handsome) offerings of Kia. They should euthanize this three-legged dog.

    What a glaring contrast with the beautiful Azera from Hyundai.

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    There are some new large Kia’s coming out. First we have the VG which will be built on a FWD platform. This car will not replace the Amanti. It will essentially be a car to supplement the Optima and Amanti. The Amanti will be replaced by CH. CH will be built on the Genesis platform. Will probably have a v8 and a v6. VG will have a 4 cylinder and a couple of v6’s. America might only just get the v6. So Kia is going to replace the Amanti. It requires thinking and thinking takes time.

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    Mr. Gray

    Ugh! This car disgusts me for one obvious reason. Does Kia really expect anyone to think driving a fake Mercedes is cool? I wish Kia/Hyundai would stick with what they’re good at, which is making basic cars that anyone can afford.

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