SUV = Simply Unwanted Vehicle

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
suv simply unwanted vehicle

The Washington Post's Annys Shin [via The News Tribune] wins the prize for the best parsing of the initials SUV: Simply Unwanted Vehicles. True dat. Full-sized SUV prices have dropped 24 percent since last year; used Chevy Suburbans have devalued as much as $8k in the past six months. With that in mind, SmartMoney has five ways to help panic-stricken owners unload their automotive albatross. First, "be your own salesperson." Since dealerships don't want SUVs and can't sell what they have, seems sensible enough. Next, "price it right." Just make sure you use chalk or pencil; values are still dropping like a stone thrown in a deep dark well. Then "advertise online." Don't worry about the fact that's SUV ads have jumped 18 percent. You should also "provide plenty of details." If you're selling something no one wants, drowning them in minutiae just might work. Finally, "build credibility" with prospective buyers by providing maintenance records (provided you had the foresight to keep them) and a Carfax report (provided you aren't selling a rebuilt wreck). Whatever you do, maintain a positive attitude. Make the [theoretical] buyer believe he really wants to assume your liability– in the same way a cheerleader tries to get the crowd on their feet when their team is down by 45 points in the fourth quarter. Hence the picture.

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  • Akitadog Akitadog on Jul 04, 2008

    Go skin! I mean 'skins!

  • SAC SAC on Jul 04, 2008

    Hey toxicroach, I want to be a bankruptcy lawyer. Last summer I worked for a lawyer filling out the petitions and most folk had pretty old high milage cars. One dude had a 2004 330i, and several folks had 2006 or so GM SUVs which last summer were bluebooking at about $26k and these broke folks owed over $40k on them. Too bad.

  • Ethermal Ethermal on Jul 04, 2008

    Just a suggestion but bring em to Canada and sell em here. Our gas is still 20% higher then your gas and there is no shortage of SUVs here on the road. Get out of the city and there seems to be nothing but SUVs and trucks on the road. Check to see what your ASS-U-V is worth here in Canada it might be worth the while.

  • AJ AJ on Jul 04, 2008

    Last winter I drove a 4x4 Jeep 2,500 miles over snow and ice covered roads, something I'd never do with a small or midsize car. SUV's still have their purpose and are fun to drive. I can see buying another one someday. In fact I need to buy a tow vehicle within the next year, so I'm looking forward to getting a deal as people or dealers panic. ;)