LA Gets Commercial H2 Station

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
la gets commercial h2 station

The Detroit News reports Los Angeles has a new hydrogen fuel pump. A commercial hydrogen pump, rather than a fenced-off hydrogen-only fueling station. LA City Councilman Bill Rosendahl showed up in a GM-furnished Equinox Fuel Cell and announced it was "the most joyous moment I've had since being elected to office." Of course, even though it's a commercial fuel station, drivers of the approximate 100 fuel-cell vehicles won't have to pay for the hydrogen they pump. They're all part of "demonstration programs by the motor companies." So what happens when the owners start having to put their debit card in the pump to pay for their fuel like the rest of us? Good question. So far no one's saying how much it costs to produce or dispense the stuff. And apparantly no one cares. The California Air Resources Board is spending $7.7m of the taxpayers' money to open three more fueling stations so they can give away more free fuel to people driving cars they don't have to pay to operate so the anti-ICE crowd can get more [s]propaganda[/s] free publicity.

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  • on Jun 27, 2008

    William C Montgomery : June 27th, 2008 at 1:13 pm “the most joyous moment I’ve had since being elected to office.” Dude needs to get a life. Hey, maybe the dude was just elected yesterday.

  • Doug Doug on Jun 27, 2008

    Hydrogen is NOT the future.

  • Frank Williams Frank Williams on Jun 27, 2008
    William C Montgomery : “the most joyous moment I’ve had since being elected to office.” Dude needs to get a life. Hey! You read the caption! Good for you!

  • Rtz Rtz on Jun 27, 2008

    "Hydrogen is the future" Consider the electric car. You could build and drive one today(conversion of your current vehicle). The same can't really be said about an h2 fuel cell. Consider the EVs that are on the verge of coming to market. Consider the price of a fuel cell because of the platinum in it($1 million). I've never seen a fuel cell that put out an impressive amount of power. Someone who lives near this new h2 Shell station, go see what the price is for the fuel and also how long it takes to refuel these Honda's. Do these fuel cell vehicles have any batteries on board? How many? What kind? You know what the price of your electricity is and has been for the past 30+ years. What about price increases, fluctuations, and shortages of h2 when the oil companies once again provide and control the stuff in place of gasoline? Don't like $5/gal gasoline, but you think you'd like $5/gal hydrogen instead or better? It's no free lunch. They aren't going to be giving the stuff away. EVs are the very real and near future. Fuel cells are just a money wasting pipe dream.