GM: CAW Protest "understandable"

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
gm caw protest understandable

Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) union officials are meeting with "top GM officials" about closing the Oshawa, Ontario truck plant. After CEO Rick Wagoner's announcement that The General's terminating Oshawa production– along with three other plants– workers blockaded GM headquarters. The Detroit News reports CAW president Buzz Hargrove supports the blockade. Hell, he won't "rule out" the possibility of a strike. Buzz says the Wagoner's announcement was "an insult" as it's been just two weeks since the company promised workers the plant would be open at least until 2011 (what happened to 2010?). GM spokesman Stew Low says the protest is "understandable." I'm sure that really made the workers who are losing their jobs feel better. Maybe next, GM will offer them a spot of tea to go with that sympathy. But don't count on GM changing their plans to ship work from that plant to cheaper ones in the U.S. and Mexico.

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  • Dew542512 Dew542512 on Jun 05, 2008

    Hmmmm... you've just been screwed by GM who is now closing a Canadian plant because they cant sell cars and now you want to go on strike? If I was GM I would say "Please do" ... maybe it might slow the hemorrhaging down - a little bit.

  • Bdjlo Bdjlo on Jun 05, 2008

    This is nothing yet. Wait till cars start coming from China or India. It was about time this was going to happen These jobs that get paid $80000 - $90000/year are no different than what people out there work for $19000 - $25000/year. (or $2000 - $2500 in other countries) They always want more money in the contracts Well, You can want, but you are out of luck. These workers deserve to be out of work and go back to work for 9 bucks an hour. Moral: Don’t be greedy.

  • Mikey Mikey on Jun 06, 2008

    Whoa!I guess some folks are having a bad day.Isn't envy one of the seven deadly sins? Well envy this 75000 a year without O.T.Eight weeks paid vacation,full dental,glasses,and drug plan.Seniority and bumping rights.Not too shabby eh?Life insurance, berevment,hell I spent a week on jury duty,full pay. So after 30 yrs or so you can retire on 3500 a month for life.Oh yeah you get a 75000$ retirement incentive oh and I forgot to mention a 35000 new car voucher. So the flamers here will have to forgive me for not jumping on the union bashing wagon.

  • BlindOne BlindOne on Jun 06, 2008

    Jeesh, no wonder they are closing the plant. All of that for screwing a bolt in?