Dodge Unveils Refreshed Ram, Hemi. And?

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
dodge unveils refreshed ram hemi and

The Detroit News' Scott Burgess has released specs on Dodge's new 2009 Ram Pickup. For the first time, The Dodge Boys are offering a functional crew cab, rather than micro-sized rear doors or the enormous (and laughably expensive) Mega Cab. I'm sure Goldilocks would be thrilled. The interior is also revised, with more plastiwood and a bigger attempt to knock-off the F-150's design. And of course, there's more power. Because that's what all buyers want. The Hemi is now up to 380 horses (from about 345) and torque is now 404 lb ft. Efficiency is supposedly improved, and Allpar reports that highway mileage on smaller 2WD models will "approach" 23 mpg. Other stats: weight is down 80 lbs, 0 – 60 takes 7 seconds, and Dodge's Ram sales are down the toilet and in the cesspool. Ram sales are down 24 percent, Ram market share is down to 16.2 percent. I know improving the efficiency of the Hemi is a good thing, and the cost is nothing close to developing an all new vehicle. But you know what? The market is still screaming for a compact pickup truck. Just sayin'.

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  • CommanderFish CommanderFish on Jun 02, 2008

    There's more to this than the pickup market deflating itself. A Cummins V6 turbodiesel is coming for 2010, and I'm putting my money on it being better than any sort of diesel Mercedes can put out. A hybrid Ram is also coming, for those who don't like soot. And to all who clamor for a real compact truck: Rumors are flying like crazy about the next Dakota being considerably downsized.

  • Rtz Rtz on Jun 02, 2008

    "The Hemi is now up to 380 horses (from about 345) and torque is now 404 lb ft." That's an insult and a disservice to the name Hemi. The Corvette has over 500hp. So should the "Hemi".

  • Nick Nick on Jun 03, 2008
    As far as I know, Chevrolet is letting the Colorado fade away (no updates, redesigns, etc.) Will that be the end of the Atlas 4s and 5s? Seems like a relatively short-lived engine family.

  • AJ AJ on Jun 03, 2008

    A very nice Mega Cab Ram passed me on the way to work yesterday. It was great to see, and I waved from my 15 to 17 mpg Jeep TJ Wrangler. LOL