Daily Podcast: Sex and the Motor City

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
daily podcast sex and the motor city

Last night, I commented on the fact that Autoblog reported on Pamela Anderson's Viper sale– without postng a shot of her breasts. I was a little, uh, "under the weather" at the time. In fact, my alcohol-fueled analysis of AB's mammary aversion tested the limits of the phrase "in vino veritas." It was such a vituperative effort that Frank did something he's never done before: he pulled my post back from "published" to "draft" (ironically enough). For that I thank him. I have no business calling anyone anyone else's bitch, or pointing out that the words "I think" completely undermine a car reviewer's credibility. And just for the record, I never didn't sleep with a college girl because she had a poster of a saucer-eyed puppy on her wall. Anyway, I [now] applaud Autoblog for showing the editorial restraint that clearly evaded me in the wee hours. It's just one more reason TTAC will never be the autoblogosphere's "newspaper of record." In our defense, I bet we have WAY more fun than they do.

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  • Nemphre Nemphre on Jun 15, 2008
    or pointing out that the words "I think" completely undermine a car reviewer's credibility. I actually like it when a reviewer acknowledges that their review is an opinion. It annoys me when they try to pass it off as some kind of universal truth. This site is called The Truth About Cars, but the reviews don't express a truth that is real for every person. They're someone's truthful opinion. No pulled punches or manufacturer sway.

  • Lprocter1982 Lprocter1982 on Jun 15, 2008

    I'd say this site versus, say, C&D, is that TTAC is the truth according to someone like me or you, while C&D is the truth according to the manufacturer... which is often not terribly accurate (eg, electric only range of 200 miles for the Tesla!)

  • Jurisb Jurisb on Jun 17, 2008

    Robert , isn`t that a challenge, that ``me thinks`` and passive voice are taboos at the same time? :)

  • Riz Riz on Jun 17, 2008

    I'd personally prefer the caustic and zinging wit without the excessive vulgarity. I read the post in my RSS reader, and was a bit put off. Not enough to turn elsewhere for my dose of car biz honesty, though.