Infiniti G37 Drop Top In, Cadillac CTS Convertible Out

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
infiniti g37 drop top in cadillac cts convertible out

Car Magazine reports that Infiniti will be building a convertible version of its G37 coupe as part of Nissan's planned new model blitz. To give its new boulevardier the coupe-cabriolet look that's launched a hundred thousand SLKs, Infiniti will fit the drop top with a folding hardtop. As for drivetrain and handling, I got nothing. The usual rendered speculation is typically conservative, and given Infiniti's rep for, um, restrained styling, it's probably not far off the mark. Look for the G37 convertible to hit the mistress' hot button in February of next year. Meanwhile, Motor Authority reveals that Cadillac has axed plans for a CTS convertible. While noting that the two-door CTS coupe is still FAB, GM has refused to officially comment on the rumored stillbirth. While it's tempting to lambast GM for skipping an opportunity to build a vehicle which could boost The General's image, a half-baked convertible with an insufficient development budget would be disastrous for its premium brand. (Just ask Pontiac how it likes its drop-top G6.) Not as disastrous as, say, an entry-level model below the CTS, but bad. No word on whether there'll be a CTS-V Coupe, but we're reasonably optimistic Caddy's fascination for the Green Hell will continue apace. Literally.

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  • Tummy Tummy on May 15, 2008

    You mean FIVE hundred thousand SLKs. Mercedes just sold it's 500,000th one. Two convertibles for Cadillac wouldn't be too bad. Mercedes has the expensive SL and the cheaper SLK and CLK, why not a 40k CTS type convertible in addition to the XLR?

  • Justin Berkowitz Justin Berkowitz on May 15, 2008

    Cadillac is making the right decision here. The convertible market is not big, and the XLR has been a failure. Coupes and convertibles are hard to sell. The market for them is fickle. BMW and Benz do it well because they are so well established and because the 3-Series is a beheamoth in the market. Audi's A4 cabrio sells OK; why? Because it's a real 4-season car - FWD and Quattro satisfy snowbelt people that want a drop top they can feel comfortable driving in the snow. For Infiniti I think this is a mistake, but at least it's cheapish for them. That FM platform under the G is also in the 350Z and FX and EX and M. But the fact that they insist on going toe to toe with BMW is sad

  • Michael Karesh Michael Karesh on May 16, 2008

    Lexus is doing one, so Infiniti has to : ) GM is is "let's cut everything that isn't guaranteed to make a pile of money or boost our CAFE" mode.

  • Whatdoiknow1 Whatdoiknow1 on May 16, 2008
    But the fact that they insist on going toe to toe with BMW is sad Justin, Lets be fair here and admit that Nissan/ inifinti has proven to the world that BMW truly has NOTHING on them outside of more "chicy" image! The current G series and the Nissan GT-R do much to make a statement that compared to Infiniti BMW is not that big of a deal anymore. NOw if you are a big fan of BMW you will see it a bit differently but if you a neutral the price advantage of an Inifinti is bigger deal than being able to go throught the cones 1 or 2 mph faster. A converitible G37 Coupe is not a mistake. You are missing the point that a G37 conv. will most likely be the "hottest" looking car in this segment! Based on the current designs a g37 conv will be far more dramatic (in a good way) than a 3 series conv can ever be. That alone will drive the sales of this thing. Yes, Inifinti does have it sights squarely on BMW! But today BMW is vulnerable. Like it or not that G35/37 represent a very big problem for BMW simply because they are DAMN good cars and the first real serious competition for their 3 series. In the future I do not see how BMW will be able to reestablish or expand the gap between the two. There is a price ceiling for the 3 series and BMW is there already.