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autoextremist.jpgSettle down people. Autoextremist Peter DeLorenzo isn't creating original content for TTAC. The no-holds-barred Motown pundit has agreed to double post (DP?) on his recently redesigned website and the soon-to-be-redesigned TTAC. DeLorenzo's latest rant will go live on AE and TTAC every Wednesday morning. As TTAC's Best and Brightest surely realize, this arrangement provides our readers with a unique opportunity to bat around DeLorenzo's combative ideas in a forum-like thingie. To get the ball rolling, I submit the following podcast. I apologize for the abrupt intro (guess the subject). My high-tech digital recorder suffered a loose connection; Frank had to lop off the first minute or so. And the levels are over the place. Still, it's worth it. Welcome to Sweet Pete! 

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25 Comments on “Autoextremist to Post On TTAC...”

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    As long as we can keep “Road Kill”, that monotonous droning saga that has nothing to do with motoring, off TTAC the rest will probably be OK.

    Especially the racing news, which TTAC never even bothers to acknowledge exists.

    Although, many weeks will result in an echo, since De Lorenzos’ view of life closely parallels that of the TTAC crowd.

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    philbailey: Just the rant. The "no motorsports" rule on TTAC remains intact. Peter's an excellent writer. I don't always agree with his analysis, but that's a good thing, not a bad thing (we accept all POVs here at TTAC as long as there are no flames involved). Anyway, as I said above, the opportunity to lure Mr. DeLorenzo into a discussion with TTAC's B&B makes it worth a shot. I would love to get him to write for TTAC specifically, but he's a busy guy and his ability/desire to run our gauntlet remains to be seen.  As for Brock Yates, we reserve the right to make and break editorial connections as we see fit.

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    Peter is my favorite auto journalist!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Peter and TTAC are the only two sites I trust for my car news and comedy!

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    Sweet… What can I say? The best and the brightest…

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    I hope this will turn out better than the Brock Yates deal. As I have said before, ultimately, TTAC and Autoextremist share the same goals. And joining forces in some way seems like a good idea. The question is, will the headstrong misters Farago and DeLorenzo be willing to sacrfice some turf and prestige for a mutual benefit? This will be very interesting to follow…

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    What happened with Yates anyway?

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    Great move.

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    I like DeLorenzo — this is a great move for both. It will be interesting to see how his GM-boosting ways will fit in at TTAC.

    I hope he has thicker skin than that Yates fellow.

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    Great news!

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    Great move. It will be fun to discuss his pro-GM bias, which sneaks into his stuff even when he is blasting GM.

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    Great – I can get my Wednesday AM Autoextremist fix by visiting TTAC!

    @ Dynamic88: Yates now has his own blog

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    Steven Lang

    I think that partnering with neighboring sites with a similar perspective is actually an excellent idea. You will have more creative minds, more traffic over the long run, and a heckuva lot of fun.

    Congrats for both of you.

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    nothing like a good dp in the mornin’

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    Just for the record: put me down as not clamoring for more Yates.


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    since when was there a no motorsports policy?

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    I’ve been a huge fan of DeLorenzo’s website since about 2000 or so. His attitude and writing style will fit right in at TTAC. He does occasionally say nice things about Bob Lutz, though. This could get interesting.

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    If Yates’ blog is indicative of what we would have gotten from him, I don’t think we lost anything. I definitely look forward to reading DeLorenzo on here.

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    Robert, can you give us a brief synopsis of the end about Ghosn & Chrysler? It faded right out. I hope you can fix those technical errors before the next ‘cast.

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    red stick

    I’ve been reading Autoextremist for the past two years and enjoyed it immensely. I’m glad he’s decided to spar here.

    Yates is his usual rambling self at his new blog. You’d think at this stage of his long writing career he’d remember it’s think, focus, then write.

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    Will Dr Bud’s column (when it actually gets written) appear as well? -angelic smile-

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    After checking the Brock Yates blog and reading this latest entry, I am glad he doesn`t contribute to TTAC. Also, Robert, I understand the Delorenzo podcast was the first for him on TTAC, but as you mentioned before, I hope you can keep the podcast length to 10min.

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    I think this is good. I think people’s [expressed] opinions are becoming more uniform here, which may be inevitable, but it should be pushed against.

    But that’s just my perception. Anyone care to agree or disagree?

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    We’ll see, I stopped reading him a few years ago when I realized I knew what he would say on any subject down to the likely metaphores.

    And his obvious biases do not lend themselves to TRUTH.

    Willing to see if he’s improved.


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