By on April 18, 2008

Engadget reports on a new oh-so-clever Scion ad campaign featuring an interactive storefront window. Just in case passers-by might be a little self-conscious about gesticulating wildly in the middle of the pavement for no apparent reason, the window taunts pistonheads with the prospect of "releasing"– and thus winning– a tC Release Series 4.0 vehicle. (I make that two better than web 2.0.) While the geek factor is high, and I'm sure the ad agency used loads of bizzare buzzwords to justify the campaign, I'm not quite sure if violently dismissing bubbles filled with tCs sends the right subconscious message. No worries; the end of the video offers two testimonials from Ye Olde Men on the Street, explaining why this is one kick-ass marketing idea. Call me a skeptic, but what's the bet the unidentified enthusiastic interviewees are paid shills for Scion? 

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8 Comments on “Scion Ad Window Makes Viewers Look Like Tourette Sufferers...”

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    To be completely honest, this is actually a creative idea. I have seen interactive floormats at the mall where people can kick around balls or play other games, and people of all ages, especially younger, are drawn to it.

    On a city block, a lot more people would stop and look at this, if not play with it, than a traditional billboard or tv ad. Sure they would look silly, but you would be surprised how easily amused most people are.

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    If only their cars were as cool as their advertising campaign.

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    @gregorypeter: my kids are really into those floormat games, and really look forwards to those trips to the one mall I know of (Potomac Mills, VA). You do need an overhead projector in a secure place for that particular setup.

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    John R

    “If only their cars were as cool as their advertising campaign.”

    I agree. If I saw this contraption I would probably fool around with it for 2 minutes.

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    “If only their cars were as cool as their advertising campaign.”

    So true, so true.. I love my xA, but let’s be honest – besides looking different, Scions are Toyotas, and that’s saying something..

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    It is a great idea and nicely executed. But I’m with RF on the happy/hipster shills at the end of what amounts to an ad for an ad telling us how much they love ads.

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    The video is no longer available

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    Toyota dropped a ball of their own creation with Scion, possibly due to the fact that the edgy “brand identity” they attempted to establish was confounded by the popularity of a large number of their vehicles with “baby boomers”.

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