Volt Birth Watch 32: How Much Will It Cost Now?

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
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volt birth watch 32 how much will it cost now

First it was $30k. Then it became $40K-ish. Now, who knows? There's no way to guess how much GM will want for a Volt if when it finally hits the market in 2010. Bloomberg reports that Product Developer Supremo Bob Lutz is warning that "We are going to bake in a very substantial warranty cost for the battery in our overall pricing calculation. We need to be conservative, simply because it's the first time we've done anything like this." Maximum Bob gave no indication what that warranty cost would be. With experts estimating that each Volt battery pack could cost as much as $10k, it won't be pocket change (except for GM's management). Between the warranty costs and the workarounds for power-sucking accessories, the Volt's guinea pigs first generation customers may find out it's no fun living on the bleeding edge.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Meocuchad Meocuchad on Mar 14, 2008
    1169hp : I simply ask. Why would anyone (except every other manufacturer) want this project to fail? You have me there. I must not have been thinking entirely clearly when I posted that, because I actually would like to see the project itself and idea behind it succeed. What I do not like is how GM is handling it. It makes me say things like I did in my above post. Then again, who likes how GM is handling anything?
  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Mar 14, 2008

    The Volt does not compare to the the Tesla in anyway except that they might both end up being vaporware. Tesla rightly decided to make a boutique product precisely because they knew the new tech would be costly. Who wants a small sedan from GM that costs over 40k? I am betting it is not a big seller.

  • KixStart KixStart on Mar 14, 2008

    At the end of this month, we may also get some real insight into who wants a big hybrid SUV from GM with a $10K ($13K, $6K, pick your value) premium from GM.

  • Engineer Engineer on Mar 14, 2008
    We need to be conservative, simply because it's the first time we've done anything like this. This from the same company that once made (and then killed) the electric car! OUCH!