Volkswagen Golf TDI Hybrid Revealed

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
volkswagen golf tdi hybrid revealed

We've just received info from Autobild on the Volkswagen Golf TDI Hybrid by way of yet another unauthorized embargo break (funeral for the embargo system will be held next Tuesday; in lieu of flowers, send donations to me). You know what's ridiculous about this car? It's got a hair over 100 horsepower, but likely gobs of torque from a diesel engine and electric motor. But the Prius-kicking stat: 69 miles per gallon. Hooah! Is it coming to America? There's no info one way or the other. I speculate that it might, since VW has announced plans for bringing more diesels here, and this will surely have lower particle emissions by virtue of an engine that's not even on below 25 miles per hour (that's a guess). What's more, the 1.4 liter powerplant comes from the current Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion. For normal people that don't follow the European car market, that's VeeDub's fairly clean diesel engine. Clean? High miles per gallon? Getting whooped by Toyota? Sounds like VW needs this car in North America STAT– assuming it can hit 60 in 10 seconds (the car, not the country).

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  • on Mar 03, 2008
    I would want to know the specific power and torque output from both the diesel engine and electric motor before declaring it a competitor with the Prius. As already noted, VW’s questionable reliability, partiicularly with electrical components, is also a big red flag for me The Diesel puts out 74HP, and the electric motor puts out 27HP...both are mated to a 7-speed DSG tranny. But the best part is that it's NOT a Toyota!

  • 26theone 26theone on Mar 03, 2008

    Diesel fuel was 60 cents more per gallon than 87 octane at my last fill up here in Houston. Doing some quick math shows that a diesel vehicle has to average 3+ mpg more than a gasoline (87) octane vehicle just to break even on fuel costs. This doesnt even count for the additional initial cost for diesel vehicles.

  • Drifter Drifter on Mar 03, 2008

    So the upcoming Golf claims to deliver more mpg than Prius that has been on the road for five years now. VW is having trouble getting single propulsion work reliably (MAF sensors and coil packs failures etc.) in their cars so far, good luck with their hybrids. And no mension of bluemotion premium over hybrid synergy drive.

  • on Mar 03, 2008

    Yes, but how much torque. The Prius electric motor puts out a huge amount of torque (relatively speaking). I'm sure the combined torque output for the VW is less than the Prius, but is it in the same park?