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lexus_sc_mkiii_s_ttac_01_01_01.jpgI used to detest Lexus' styling– if you want to call it that. The SC was just one of many derivative, disgusting designs. That all changed in 2005, when the beta "L-finesse" produced the magnificent second IS. The 2007 LS revealed that the IS was no accident. (Maserati Quattroporte aside, I consider the Lexus LS the world's best-looking mass-produced luxury sedan.) We can now dare and dream that the third generation SC will bring us the rough-sporty side of the "L-finesse" philosophy. My rendering operates from the principle that the new convertible should ditch the LF-A concepts' over-dramatic air-intakes. And an an increased wheelbase is a must for the new SC; it needs to blow the 3-Series convertible out of the proverbial water. Design-wise, I'm thinking it will…

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    Megan Benoit

    I thought Lexus was getting rid of the L-finesses language and moving on to something else. It’s too bad, because I totally agree — the L-finesse series are some of the best-looking cars on the road. Better than anything with a toyota badge on it, certainly.

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    Don’t mess with success. I’ll take L-finesse over Bangle Butt any day.

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    I think the IS is just about a masterpiece except for the poor taillights which just look a bit too plasticky and boy-racerish. Still the best looking in the class (although I do sorta like the new C)

    I think the LS is a bit less successful, while handsome it is just that bit too understated, a little more character would do wonders (I think the A8 and QP both are better looking).

    As for the chop, it looks more like an eventual hardtop IS convertible. The SC is always the stepchild of the Lexus family, redesigned too infrequently and, for some reason, always a bit too jellybean-esque. I would like to see a bit more aggressive stance and maybe a couple of Aston influences seep in on the SC personally.

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    Nice work! Dramatic improvement over the current SC (not that it’s too hard to look better than that blob).

    I also agree with you on the LS’s looks. It’s a great looking car.

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    With all those straigth lines in the fron it starts looking like a 350Z to me. I love 350Z looks and I’d hate to see Lexus copying. But again, there is a limited number of ways one can combine a few lines and shapes.

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    Looks very sharp, although I agree with akatsuki that it looks like a potential IS convertible more than a 2+2 SC replacement.

    If Lexus insists on carrying the SC I’d like to see it move to a strict 2-seater, with an SC-F version with, oh, 450 HP or so.

    Then hire Andreii to design the IS convertible!

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    This may look better than the current SC, but I never quite understood the SC anyway. It’s ugly and bulbous and squat. Less than 300 HP. With a starting price of over $65K?? I just don’t get it. Why is it so expensive?

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    This may look better than the current SC, but I never quite understood the SC anyway. It’s ugly and bulbous and squat. Less than 300 HP. With a starting price of over $65K?? I just don’t get it. Why is it so expensive?

    Why is the Benz SL so expensive, or why is the 6 Series so expensive? The SC430 is a bargain compared to either of them. Or what about the Cadillac XLR? Why is that so expensive? It offers a horrible interior not to mention mediocre quality, an exterior fit for the 80s, and an uncomfortable ride. You can say the BMW or Benz have a panache to them, but the XLR has very little going for it.

    Fact is, ALL cars in this class are expensive, but the SC remains the bargain of the class.

    Also, question to Andrei Avarvarii: why photoshop the LF-A as the next SC? Lately I’ve noticed A LOT of websites saying that the LF-A is going to be the next SC. Fact is, this is simply NOT true. The LF-A is going to be a supercar, a halo car for all of Toyota and for the Lexus brand. The next SC will not be related to the LF-A.

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    @ Johnson
    What are we doing here are “photochops”, which, believe it or not, are based on photos of existing cars. Sometimes the changes are so dramatic that no one can tell what was the original car. Some other times such drastic changes are not justified. This representation of the SC is indeed blending the production IS with the LF-A Concept. And if we reflect on that a little bit, mixing a beautiful sedan with a futuristic roadster in order to obtain a four seater convertible might actually make sense.
    You are right that the LF-A is not replacing the SC. The LF will be a two seater supercar. After discontinuing the current SC I am sure that Lexus will issue a new 4-seats cabriolet, they have all the reasons they need to do that. Whether they will call it SC or IS convertible is just marketing, but I’ll go for SC.

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