This is Kia's Soul (Small Car)

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
this is kias soul small car

Kia isn't wasn't planning on revealing its new Soul compact hatch until September at the Paris Auto Show. But alas, production pictures have mysteriously popped-up on the internet. Kia showed several embarrassingly named "tuned" versions of the car at the Geneva Auto Show, such as "Soul Burner" and "Soul Diva" and "Soul Searcher." The regular Soul looks more than a little bit like the unholy fruit of a union between a Scion xB and the Saab 9-X BioHybrid. Still, it's nice to see Kia try to inject some style into their cars, even if the business plan for Kia more realistically is "follow" instead of "lead." But why follow Scion into a land of not-so-hot sales? Whether or not this car is even destined for America is still an open question, apparently. But you can bet your milk money that Kia wants a piece of the new small car market with something more interesting than the Rio5.

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