Screw What Lutz Thinks; GM Pledges More Hybrids

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
screw what lutz thinks gm pledges more hybrids

Yesterday GM CEO Rick Wagoner announced his employer's plans to offer at least 16 hybrid models by 2012. Speaking at the Geneva auto show, Wagoner said The General will introduce one hybrid model every four months until 2012. Automotive News [sub] reports the hybrids will use updated versions of the two hybrid systems GM currently offers: the two-mode hybrid for trucks and SUVs and the hybrid-lite belt-alternator system for passenger cars (no mention of a full hybrid high-mileage passenger car to compete directly with Prius and the other hybrid offerings from across the Pacific). You can bet GM'll game the numbers to achieve their goal, as spokesman Brian Corbett said the 16 hybrids would be launched in North America, Asia and possibly Europe. That means they can drop the drivetrain from the Saturn Vue Greenline into its Theta platform-mates around the world and instantly claim five new hybrids. Not bad for a company whose Vice Chairman of Global Product Development thinks hybrids "make no economic sense." Anyway, when it comes to greenwashing, GM is clearly set on becoming the industry leader.

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  • Jonathon Jonathon on Mar 05, 2008

    Five? I count the Equinox, Torrent, Antara, and Terrain. Which one am I missing?