Coming Attractions: A Homicidal Hybrid

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
coming attractions a homicidal hybrid

Move over, Christine– you're so last century. Stephen King's furious Fury is being replaced by a hybrid. Variety reports Voltage Pictures is beginning production of "Hybrid," a horror flick "about a female mechanic in a Chicago police garage who spends a night of terror with a hybrid car." (No, I'm not making that up.) They don't give much more information about the movie except it's budgeted at $10m and is shooting around Regina, Saskatchewan. Nor do they say which hybrid is the objet terrible or how it goes about its evil business. Anyone want to make any suggestions on how a predatory Prius or internecine Insight would go about terrorizing its hapless (and oh so very cliché) female victim?

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  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Mar 31, 2008

    Get'im, Lesley!

  • Gesundheit Gesundheit on Mar 31, 2008

    Actually, let's today's exchange rate that might be around $970k AND shot in Regina. You smell Oscar? Yeah I can see it. And apparently the thing takes place pretty much entirely in a parking garage so you're saying Regina parkades look different than Chicago parkades? It's gotta be a Prius. P*ssed-off Prius gets revenge on the mechanic after she gives it the finger when she realizes she won't get a tax credit after all for purchasing green depending where she lives. Then the Prius overcharges its battery by spinning its tires (good and LOUD in that parking garage) and then releases the brake, chases her around for an hour and a half---also further keeping the battery going into supercharge mode 'cause she left her torque wrench under the hood and it is shorting out---and then rams her against a couple cars (a Fury would be nice, and an old T.A., maybe a Pinto?) and WHAAAMM BLAMMMM!!!! Big-butt explosion from the unsafe mixture of electrical and gasoline hybrid engine. Sound good? Whaddya say Roeper and Ebert? How about the folks at ain't it cool? Line up now, fans! Could be a record-breaking lineup like before SW Ep I.

  • Bill Wade Bill Wade on Mar 31, 2008

    Do you suppose it's Bob Lutz's idea of product placement for the Volt?

  • Davejay Davejay on Mar 31, 2008

    Well, remember: hybrids running in battery mode make so little noise that I've read hysterical articles about needing to add a noisemaker so pedestrians hear 'em coming -- not a big leap to the idea of one sneaking up on you. Presumably to say "boo".