Clay Family Dealerships: A Star Is Born

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

We don't usually crib from The Car Connection (TCC), thanks to an ancient feud involving TTAC's call for automotive websites to publicly declare their junketeering and press fleetage in their posts (a call that Edmunds kinda sorta answered). But credit where credit's due: the guys have stumbled upon a true jewel of a YouTube clip. This ad is more than just "I can't turn away from the weight challenged guy" fascinating. It represents a tacit admission from a car dealer that la règle du jeu have changed. Of course, we don't know if the Clay family dealerships put their fine words into practice, but they are the right words. And the ad doesn't scream or try to sell on price. We applaud Clay for their, uh, courage and [once again] ask TCC to tell their readers when they're sucking on the manufacturers' tit– although this is probably not the best time to use that metaphor.

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  • Radimus Radimus on Mar 28, 2008
    Jill could sell ice to Eskimos. I guess that's easier to do than selling Mercuries.

  • TomAnderson TomAnderson on Mar 28, 2008

    radimus: Zing!

  • Seabrjim Seabrjim on Mar 28, 2008

    Where's the "King of Cars" when you need him?

  • Ptr2void Ptr2void on Mar 29, 2008

    This is an old ad, and it's of some interest that the campaign to which this ad refers is not longer visible on the web site. That being said, I recently asked Clay via email about renting a Nissan for an extended test drive because my wife is disabled and as such is not readily available. While they did not offer rentals, the Internet sales manager did provide me with the opportunity to take it home overnight, which was greatly appreciated. However, after discussing this with the wife we decided not to consider the Nissan for cost reasons, and I notified the Internet sales manager of this. Rather than apply any sort of pressure this sales manager wished me well. If my wife changes her mind on the Nissan, we will certainly go to Clay for the purchase based on this.