Chrysler Listens. After You Register. In Three Weeks. Or Four.

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

"Leading with innovation" (based on a Time Magazine article it read sometime in 2004), Chrysler is following GM in offering a new online "community" at "Through our online Customer Advisory Board, we have a new platform to engage our customers in two-way dialogue," Chrysler VP and Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Myers explains. "So we can harness their insights and vehicle dreams as we move quickly to develop and refine technologies and products." Yes, this means you can cash in your buzzword bingo cards at But there's more: Social Networking! Community Building! Collaboration Technologies! In short, the perfect opportunity to turn over your information to Chrysler direct-marketing and work your little Cerberus-loving tail off doing focus-group work for which people were once paid. Of course, Chrysler doesn't want to listen-dot-com to just anyone. The site is a "closed community." If you stick out the "three- to four-week period when Chrysler will introduce members to the process and the company," then you can have your "insights harnessed" (kinky!) and help Chrysler innovate and bloviate. Let us know how you get on (literally).

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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