Avis Rents 'Vettes

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
avis rents 8216 vettes

With my parents flying to Florida for a few days, I started calling around to see if I could get them something better than the 1-cylinder Sebring they enjoyed (in the sense of hated) on their last vacation. Hertz was out of Shelby Mustangs but … Avis has Corvettes? That's right, they've added America's first sports car to the fleet in the usual "hot rental car" locations: Los Angeles, Arizona, Las Vegas and south Florida. Can you imagine the abuse these 430-horsepower rental cars are going to take? Even at $165/day, they're not going to preclude hoons from renting them– although I really think all levels of insurance should be mandatory for Avis' sake. From a business standpoint, this still isn't a terrible idea. With increasing numbers of people getting out of their fun cars and getting into fuel-sipping snorefests, why not take a vacation from their eco-responsibility too? Besides, Corvette sales were down 25 percent last month. Fleet sales ought to help staunch the wound.

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  • Whynotaztec Whynotaztec on Mar 12, 2008

    I'm impressed to see the headline change! No bias implied on my part, just thought that "fleet sales" never means something good. I think the meat of the original post is as Justin points out, esp. #2 and #3. Have given up trying to rent the Hertz Mustang, it was never available. Maybe we have a better shot with the Vette now, and at a great price as mentioned.

  • Threeer Threeer on Mar 12, 2008

    Great..so places like Vegas and Beverly Hills get the Vettes and Ferraris...but here in Charleston, SC it won't be likely that I'll be able to pop down to the rental fleet and find anything remotely resembling this kind of fun. Heck, I was really only looking to find a local place that would rent a Wrangler for a weekend...

  • on Mar 12, 2008

    The point has already been made, but I'm going to go ahead and make it again. Yes you can rent any number of exotic cars in Vegas and other touristy spots, for a price. At $165/day, an Avis Corvette rental is significantly less than even a Porsche Boxster, ~$250, and considerably less than the more exotic cars from Ferrari and the like that can top $1,000 per day. Given the choice between a Hertz Mustang and an Avis Corvette, I'll go Avis.

  • Blautens Blautens on Mar 12, 2008

    Much better headline...kudos. That's why I love this site...