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xf_09_01.jpgLast month, U.S. Jag dealers sold just over a thousand new cars, despite cut-rate financing. While the entire U.S. car market is going South, Jaguar's stuffy image is sending the venerable marque Hades-wise in a supersonic hand basket. The new XF midrange sedan is supposed to reverse these declining fortunes by burying memories of the bulbous, fusty, pudenda-fronted S-Type (not to mention the execrable X-Type). I grabbed an XF fresh off the transporter to see if Jag’s lobbing snowballs in Hell.

Let’s get this out of the way: the new XF’s design is a pale shadow of the C-XF concept’s drop dead gorgeous sheetmetal. We’re talking supermodel versus neighborhood bartender. The XF’s front end is a particularly boring transmogrification; it's a little weird and the snout’s portal smacks of Volvo’s blandest. The central bonnet creases are a particularly classless affectation. In fact, you could say the XF is nothing more than a Volvo in a slutty dress.

xf_11_01.jpgThe back end almost saves the day; it looks like an Aston Martin. It's fantastic. But Ian Callum gets no props for designing the same car over (DB9) and over (V8 Vantage) and over (Jag XK coupe) and over (XF sedan). If Jaguar was going to show a scintilla of individuality, well, they could have hidden the door handles in the B- and C-pillars.

As for the XF’s interior, we've all seen the boring press pictures included here. The company’s PR photographer should be fired for not doing justice to this four-wheeled shrine to automotive luxury.

The XF’s interior’s fit, finish and materials are the best I’ve ever seen in a production car, without exception. If you're the type of person that appreciates exquisite detailing of a fine watch, you can do nothing but marvel at the XF’s cabin. The wood trim in my optionless "Luxury" trim model could have been fashioned by a bespoke furniture maker. The matte finish is both unique and stunning.

The XF’s attention to detail dusts the usual standard bearer Audi. The vents rotate into view when you start the car up (royalty payment to V09_xf_07.jpgolkswagen’s ill-fated Phaeton?). They boast aluminum inserts to move their direction, with the word "Jaguar" elegantly stamped on their surface. We're talking about slivers of material the size of long grain rice. The same beautifully finished metal sits at the bottom of the cupholders. Every surface is sensuous to the touch. For once, a Jag/Ford product feels… finished.

Okay, so the exterior is lame, the interior is otherworldly. How does it drive? In a word: Yes. Yes as in the new XF drives as well as you'd hope any Jaguar would.

Jaguar wanted to build a luxury-sports car in keeping with its distinguished brand heritage– a tradition of which Larry the Law Firm Partner neither knows nor cares. What Larry does care about: beating the crap out of Bob’s Benz E350. And with this car, Larry’s good to go.

xf_25_eu_01.jpgJag’s 4.2 liter V8– a carry-over from the last generation S-Type– is the XF’s standard-fit powerplant. “But it only makes 300 horsepower! Lots of V6 engines do that!" Quit your bitching brand defilers, lest you taste the business end of my tassled loafers pushing you into an Acura RL. Even with "only" 300 horsepower underfoot, the entry-level XF accelerates from zero to sixty miles per hour in about six seconds. Besides, the Jaguar XF driving experience is fleet footed. The six speed auto is slicker than snot on a doorknob. The suspension feels buttoned down, with just enough feedback to keep it fun without being abusive.

There are downsides. While the XF is light on its toes, changing direction with confidence-inspiring predictability and hoon-compatible ease, it doesn’t have everlasting grip. Canst thou squeal like a porcine? The XF’s tires can. And the sport sedan’s steering is far too light for a car with genuine performance aspirations. But overall, driving the XF is like piloting a BMW without the e-Nanny hovering over your shoulder. 

xf_08_na_01.jpgSo much of this car is so right – the interior, the suspension, the engine and the transmission. Killer depreciation aside, the $50k asking price for a fully loaded V8 XF makes a mockery of the similarly-priced, stripped-out 535i. Unlike the Bimmer, Lexus or Audi equivalents, driving the XF makes you feel special.

It’s too bad that the mid-size Jag’s exterior went from a quaint retro curiosity to an OMG concept car to a quintessentially boring sedan. If Jag had found a way to keep the CX-F’s drama, they would have had a huge hit on their hands. As it stands now, all they have is a bit of time to kill before Ford sells Jaguar or, let’s face it, pulls the plug. Even as a swan song, the XF lacks the looks it needs to fly.   

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    A Volvo in a slutty dress? – I’d sign up for that

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    I need the roads to clear around Detroit so I can take one of these for a good spin.

    The exterior seems to be underwhelming everyone. Very Lexus GS to my eyes, and the Lexus has hardly set the world on fire. It didn’t help that in Detroit the two cars on the show floor were both in a boring pale blue with the base 18-inch wheels. They took a blander than it ought to have been exterior and dressed it down as much as possible. With both of the easily visible cars.

    With Jags, everyone wonders about reliability. TrueDelta hasn’t been able to provide results for any Jag yet because there’s such a small owner pool to draw from.

    Maybe the XF will sell well enough that we can get a decent sample together. Know anyone who buys one? Send them here:

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    Thank you for taking them to task for the exterior. People were *STILL* yammering on about its greatness in current form, but it’s not the body to save Jaguar. The C-XF was. If it was handsome and understated, it would make sense as a Jag, but it’s neither handsome nor understated, and if you’re shedding those attributes from Jag of all brands, at least have the balls to really go for it.

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    How can you say with a straight face that a fairly old, underpowered V-8 is preferable to bang-up-to-date V-6, even as an option? This is supposed to be a modern car, yes? Well, V-8 only thinking is distinctly retro in the worst way possible. And to use the Acura RL as a counterpoint? Ridiculous. That’s V-6 only, thanks to the suits in Japan, so that’s not even a decent comparison. I agree that the production version doesn’t hold a candle to the concept, though. Too bad backseat passengers need to keep their heads on.

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    It pains me to agree, but the XF is something of a disappointment after the stunning C-XF concept. And that’s the opinion of a Briton (or Brit, as you guys call us).

    I don’t think the interior could really be any better, but the frontal treatment is bland compared with what could have been. It’s not like the concept was that outlandish anyway – it could easily have made production. Even if they’d just kept the sleeker headlamps it would have been better.

    I’m not sure what the sales are like in the US, but the UK media is reporting 3,000 advance orders. That’s a huge jump over the S-type. I hope it means Jaguar can find a buyer that sees the value in the brand, unlike poor Rover and MG.

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    Underpowered and 300hp used in the same sentence. Give me a break.

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    Wow, the car seems much more impressive than I thought it would.

    While I agree with you description of the exterior, the idea of a Swedish beauty in a slutty dress (instead of a turtleneck) gets me really, really excited.

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    Wouldn’t the branding guru’s say this car is off the brand message? I would think that a Jag would need beautiful sheet metal above all else. The nose on this car doesn’t even look like a Jag. I would say Jag buyers are more brand conscious than most people.

    BMW will sell more (even if their new style isn’t all that BMW looking either). Jaguar has a rep for low reliability with long times in the shop. Even with BMW’s mediocre reliability, the reputation is much better. This car is not a break out car for them IMO.

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    I can’t wait to see this car in person – I’m going to try to swing by the Jaguar dealer today. My parents own a 2003 [bulbous, fusty, pudenda-fronted] S-Type, and putting looks aside, I am always amazed how well that car drives. Jags in general are underrated. I wish them luck.

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    While the Concept XF was supermodel gorgeous the production version is her attractive sister. It lost a fair amount on the front end but it’s still an attractive car; much better than a 5 series for similar or less money (and I like the styling of the 5 series a lot unlike many). The fact that it is not stellar can be good in a way too. Means it will get a little less attention and should depreciate normally making it relatively affordable in 2-3 years for you middle/upper-middle class car buyer. Why get that loaded Accord when you can have a 2 yr old XF?

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    I included the S-Type R on a list of great used car values. You can find ones with low miles around $30k. Lot of car at that price.

    Price is also behind the strong pre-orders. It’s a couple grand lower than the that of a comparable S-Type. People are very excited about a V8 Jag for under $50k.

    Running the above comparison also indicated one other thing to me: the heighth and width of the two cars are VERY similar. They might have been constrained by the need to reuse as many S-Type underbody bits as possible.

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    It’s all relative, especially in the top trumps world of luxury cars. V-6s make 300hp. V-8s make 400 or more. Jaguar’s 4.2 just doesn’t cut the Grey Poupon.

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    It’s all relative, especially in the top trumps world of luxury cars. V-6s make 300hp. V-8s make 400 or more. Jaguar’s 4.2 just doesn’t cut the Grey Poupon.

    Although I agree new luxury V6s now need to make 300hp, I don’t see where the Jag V8 is necessarily bad, except for that it isn’t brand new. This XF has about the the same price and fuel mileage of the 535i. I’d bet that it sounds better too.

    Also, no luxury car basic V8 makes over 400hp, they all stay between about 320 and 380.

    For those that want more power than this, Jag offers a 420hp V8 for $62K.

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    When a friend of mine narrowed her choice of Next Car down to a single model, she found the only one she could get her hands on was painted Regular, Boring White (actual manufacturer color name). She justified it by saying that most of her time spent with the car was inside it, driving–out of view of the paint. I’m not arguing that one should have to settle when signing on the line for a bona-fide luxury product, but if the rest of the car experience is truly so superlative, the “from some angles cases great, with unfortunately early-00’s Monte Carlo-esquely contorted front lensing” exterior styling shouldn’t single-handedly destroy this model’s prospects. Running with Michael Karesh’s point, there are plenty of Lexus GS’ out there. Unlike that car, though–and most modern jags–this one will at least get noticed.

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    Michael Karesh: “Running the above comparison also indicated one other thing to me: the heighth and width of the two cars are VERY similar. They might have been constrained by the need to reuse as many S-Type underbody bits as possible.”

    The XF is essentially an S-Type with new skin and interior.

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    Quit your bitching brand defilers, lest you taste the business end of my tassled loafers pushing you into an Acura RL.

    This is the funniest line I’ve ever read in a TTAC review. I literally “LOL”d in my chair!

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    Also, no luxury car basic V8 makes over 400hp, they all stay between about 320 and 380.

    Which is still more than what the Jaguar makes. It must be near the back of the pack. But I’m not talking about just base V-8s. What Jag’s answer to Merc’s 6.3 that’s really a 6.2 making over 500hp? Or Caddy’s forthcoming 550-hp CTS? Talk about a car that gets noticed.

    Quit your bitching brand defilers, lest you taste the business end of my tassled loafers pushing you into an Acura RL.

    This is the funniest line I’ve ever read in a TTAC review. I literally “LOL”d in my chair!

    It may be a bit clever, but it’s still immeasurably wrong. Some people just don’t realize that you can be too focused.

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    John R

    I’m going to have to agree with CarShark.

    Even Hyundai’s Genesis with the V-8 will make 380hp and, according to the flying H, will get to 60 in less than 6 seconds. Larry will beat Bob but they’ll both be staring at Craig the IT guy’s taillights.

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    “Why get that loaded Accord when you can have a 2 yr old XF?”

    Uh… so you can get where you’re going?

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    A breath of fresh air in a world filled with ugly 5-series, bland E-class, bass-mouth A6.

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    @ Paul Niedermeyer,

    Is that true? I thought this was an all new platform for some reason. At least that goes a long way to explain how they could F up the styling so bad. You can’t truly appreciate how boring and anonymous this car is until you see it in the flesh.

    The fact is, its not a “complete car”. Jaguar stands for nothing if not “gorgeous” exteriors. I am suprised to hear the review of the interior but that isn’t going to be enough. Even with a grand slam homerun, class leader in every category theres a high probability it would be a sales dud due to the uncertainty surrounding Jaguar, their history of poor reliability, and th loss of status for the brand. This thing is dead in the water.

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    Johnny Canada

    Berkowitz is gettin’ cranky…..and I like it.

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    Don’t fixate too much on the 300 HP peak number. Compare the flat torque curve from 2000-4000 rpm with ANY naturally aspirated 6 cylinder car, even ones that make over 300 peak HP, and you’ll see that the V8 is the clear winner. How many Jags are going to see redline very often anyway? The 4.2L V8 is perfectly matched to that car, and has WAY more area under the torque curve than a 300 HP V6.

    I agree with you on the R-type, though. Rumors of an upgraded 5 liter motor have been circulating, and if they upgrade the antiquated roots type blower to the more efficient TVS unit found on the new ZR1 and CTS-V, then they can play with the big boys in the luxo-performance arena.

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    Jaguar can’t afford to develope any new engines!

    Not a very good image for a premium brand!

    Audi, BMW, MB, Infiniti, and Lexus have all manage to develope new(er) engines for there latest offering.

    …….and folks wonder why Jaguar is fading so fast.

    Remember it a PREMIUM LUXURY CAR, good enough is NOT good enough!

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    Edward Niedermeyer

    Having only sat in the thing at a car show, my main impression was that it was not great. Justin’s slutty dress metaphor is bang on… it’s trying way too hard. The interior is tiny for the size of the car (perennial Jag issue?) and it gets caught up in the whole Aston-knockoff-trying-too-hard thing. I drove an S-Type 4.0 once and it was ok. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Oldsmobile, risen from the dead.

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    Maybe someone more technically ept than I can post before and after shots of XF concept and not so much, but I’ve been toggling back and forth between the photos in the article and cxf on Google images and I’m not seeing the epic transformation. The grille and hood undulations maligned in the review look to have been lifted more or less intact, except in the area of the headlights, which were mysteriously (and inharmoniously) made somewhat less squinty. Other than that, unclear on the concept loses the hidden door handles, the roofline for the beheaded, and the O series tires, which are replaced with realistic rubber on seriously lame new wheels. All in all, a more or less standard concept to production desecration, and not even close to my nominee for all time most botched metamorphosis, the Porsche Boxster.

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    It’s a nice looking car and nice to see Jaguar get away from the old style. In a city where everyone drives BMW, Audi and Mercedes, this would be a great view to see everyday on the road instead. If it doesn’t cost an arm & leg by the time it arrives here, I may look at one.

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    I like Jaguars and agree that the XF is edgier than anything the firm has offered in years. Although it would have been so much better with the original front styling of the concept. I can’t help but feel that Ford is shooting itself in the foot by making it known that they wish to off-load Jaguar and Land Rover. How many high-end car buyers are willing to even consider a potential “orphan” with so many successful alternatives available? Doubtful that a purchase by the likes of Tata will do much to change that.
    If they can’t find a mainstream auto maker to buy Jaguar (if not L-R) I don’t see how this very sick brand can survive. Sad.

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    Performance and reliability aside, just in terms of exterior style:

    The XF is hideous!

    The Lexus GS may be a bit boring, but it’s sleek and pleasing to the eye.

    The BMW 5 may be a bit odd, but it looks strong and threatening.

    The XF? I like Ford Fusion’s styling better.

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    I’m out of NYC and visiting my parents for the weekend, so drove their [bulbous, fusty, pudenda-fronted] S-Type to the Jaguar dealership today and sat in the XF while making an all-important IKEA run.

    Justin’s review of the car is pretty spot on. The exterior is modern, but certainly lacking the drama of the C-XF. I liked it though, unlike my mom, who said it did not look like a Jaguar (though that is the point). The interior is incredible though. The pictures do NOT do it justice.

    I would like to drive the XF at some point- and apparently it more than just a warmed over S-Type, because it shares its suspension with the XK, but the basic platform and powertrains are the same.

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    Your typical car buyers isn’t going to care whether the horsepower is coming from six or eight cylinders. If you can get 300 horses in an XF or 300 in a 535i for 55k, the cylinder configuration becomes academic.

    This article was pretty much spot on. The interior floored me. Not even the design so much, but the random little details and quality were both amazing. Haven’t driven one, but I don’t think anyone would be ashamed to consider this as an alternative to your usual E-Class and 5-Series. (Although full fanboy disclosure, I drive a 04 XJR with the blown 4.2V8 so feel free to dismiss this comment).

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    “I hope it means Jaguar can find a buyer that sees the value in the brand, unlike poor Rover”

    Rover will of course have the same owner as Jaguar, as it does now…

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    I think the XF is less attractive than the current XJ, but the XJ and outgoing S-Type are certainly dated. I wasn’t blown away by the C-XF concept, and the front end of production car looks decidedly blah, like something Buick stylists might conceive during a manic swing. It doesn’t look like a Jag, it looks like a fairly generic largish sedan that tries to evoke the XJ by bending a few creases in the hood. (For the record, I have similar feelings about the new Mercedes S-Class and C-Class; except for the grille, they might as well be Hyundais.)

    Stylistically, nothing in this class makes a strong case for itself. I’m sure the Benz E-class will shortly get an S-style makeover; the Lexus GS bears a strong resemblance to the bloated Toyota Avalon; the Infiniti M looks from many angles like a Lincoln Town Car that’s gone on a crash diet; the 5-Series is so hideous it causes me physical pain; and not even I remember what the Acura RL looks like. The A6 is at least inoffensive, although it looks so indistinguishable from the A4 that it’s hard to see the point unless you just have to have a bigger trunk. Jaguar had the opportunity to score real points here, but they punted.

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    I want back my fucking Hood Vents, my Hidden Door Handles, my Pseudo-Splitter, my Goddamn Diffuser, and my Concept Car Diamond-Cutter Alloy Wheels.

    Callum gives them wanton sex and they tone it down to a bland 59 year old in Contempo Casuals.

    Why oh why does Ford relentlessly persist in being so RPG-to-Ass stupid; like hammer+hand-grenade stupid!??

    (btw, Callum did not design the V8 Vantage)

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    A Jaguar needs to have that silk lingerie over shapely hips look and this misses the mark. Too bad, because otherwise it sounds perfect.

    300 HP is plenty for a sedan, especially for a well balanced one.

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    “But Ian Callum gets no props for designing the same car over (DB9) and over (V8 Vantage) and over (Jag XK coupe) and over (XF sedan).”

    I am so happy to see someone finally take Ian Callum to task for his samey-same designs. I understand that designers have influences. I also understand that European auto regulations are dictating to a degree the way new cars look in front (in the name of pedestrian safety for crying out loud!).

    But the new XK’s side profile view screams, “Aston Martin”. And the XF, when viewed from the side yells at the top of its lungs, “I wanna be a BMW!”. And the XF’s execrable front end just makes me want to scream. (It also makes me want to kick Ian’s ass all the way from Coventry back to Scotland.)

    While we’re at it, let’s lose the rotating vents and the missile-coming-out-of-its-silo trans selector. Seriously, how long do you think it’ll be before one of those items becomes a repair issue?

    This car really pisses me off. I’ve always loved Jaguars, since I was a kid. Now that I’m getting to the point where I could maybe afford one, they give us this??? Even if it’s a great drive, styling sells cars. And this car’s styling doesn’t sell me. They could have done so much better. . .

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    But overall, driving the XF is like piloting a BMW without the e-Nanny hovering over your shoulder.

    Of course if you want to you could just turn of that e-nanny if you feel like it in the bimmer…

    And yes, it will spin the wheels if you do. Except in the M models, that have limited slip differentials, unlike, for instance, Mercedes AMGs…

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    I like the look of the car…but hey…where is the Jaguar on the hood?…Where is the classic beauty. I do think that it looks much like my 535i in profile.

    Nonetheless, I would look at the car…drive the car, but would I buy the car? Not so sure about that given the history of depreciation of the marque. It may be less expensive than my Bimmer now, what is it going to be worth in 3 years? That’s a problem that Jaguar needs to solve.

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    Gotta disagree about the looks. As an Audi fan, I have a profound appreciation for understated yet classy looks.

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    IMHO, when I first saw the C-XF at the autoshow I thought ‘hey that’s a nice looking Aston Martin.’ Gorgeous, yeah. But it wasn’t much of a Jag.

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    Agreed – What looked to be great concept car, displaying evidence that the folks at Jaguar had woken up, now turns to a safe and non-risky design.

    Jag you need to be a leader, push the envelope and get respect for doing so. Create your market.

    In saying that, their new XKR-S is a testament to their capabilities. Time will tell on Jags future.

    Tazite com

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    Eric in PA

    I drove the Supercharged. AWESOME. Fantastic, refined ride, dead flat on high speed turns, torque everywhere. Not quite the sport drive feeling or experience of a BMW 535 but MUCH, MUCH more acceleration, MUCH more content, and nicer ride. Plus, the BMW is boring and I got a headache trying to figure out options packages. Did not drive the regular v8 because the supercharged is the deal of the century and I ordered one. Basically 98% of an M5 at 80% of the price. PS – other than 4 wheel drive and a larger back seat, this is a better car than my $78k audi A8. PPS – What else would you get?? The Audi A8 is boring, the BMS 5 series is dated and boring, the Lexus GS is ugly, the Infiniti M45 is $60k, mediocre exterior and has a nasty, cheap interior, the Mercedes e class is boring and is $20k more comparably-equipped, etc., etc. The Jag is far and away the best driving experience, far and away the best interior, far, far, far and away the best deal. The rear is gorgeous and the front is unfortunately just as bad as the competition. Did I mention the 18sf trunk and fold-down rear seats – its a hatchback!!!

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    Justin Berkowitz

    @Eric in PA:

    glad you enjoyed the supercharged version so much. I loved driving it too. Look for my review of it here in the near future.

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    It’s funny; I actually like the looks of the S-Type because it looks like a Jag. From a casual glance at 50 yards you know it’s a Jag. The XF looks like a Lucerne from 50 yards, which is a terrible miscalculation on Jaguar’s part in regards to the styling.

    I’d like to see the XF in British Racing Green with a tan interior, though, just to see if it can successfully pull off the quintessential British look.

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    My guess is the concept’s aggressive styling was frightening to Jaguars female(majority?) buyer. Looks like they toned it way down which is a shame. That last photo makes me cringe. I love the interior though, reminds me of mom’s old 1979 XJ6. If Jaguar needs to build a mom car to keep profits up, please keep it a separate model minus the 300hp V8. I think Jaguar would be a great brand to experiment with his and hers automobiles. Their current advertising campaign could include the two cars making out.

    Jaguar seems to be the car men won’t ultimately consider for themselves, but want their wives to buy so they can offer to drive her car more often. Problem is women looking in this price range have already been convinced that reliability=Lexus and safety=SUV. Jag resale value finishes the deal. Jaguar needed to stay true to the concept here. Spot on review.

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    You make a really good case about the competition. When compared to the likely competition, this really isn’t bad at all.

    It’s a shame. While I would expect nicer metal from Jaguar, I am even more disappointed by the German crop that can’t muster anything other than the A6 that is even close to the expected level of aesthetics.

    I still don’t know about it’s success though. I really believe the Jag brand is more cliche’ than cachet.

    Land Rover is heading in the same direction. Who wants to see a copy of their 80k vehicle being driven by a kid with a white stocking cap pulled down over their brow, big gold chains, and a pressed T-shirt?

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    I’ve been looking at S-types lately, and almost decided on buying a dark blue 2004 S-type R. The acceleration was exhilarating for a sedan – not only the amount of power (about 400HP – which is about 20hp less than an RS4) but its delivery. It’s relentless.

    The XF uses the same V8 powertrains as the S-type? Excellent.
    The platform is the same as the S-type? Good.
    The suspension is from the XK ? Excellent.

    I don’t mind if Jaguar – due to the financial straight jacket it’s in now – re-skinned the S-type into the XF. I also do not care if the design is different from the concept – it’s clearly a trade-off based on the limited amount of resources the company could put into the development and production of the headlights, the door handles etc. Still, it’s pretty good when compared with the competition. And it looks like it’s a better value as well – there are two versions of the V8’s one at $49200 MRSP, the other at about $55000. The supercharged is about $62000. No wonder there were 10000 deposits worldwide last time I read about it (mid-February), being 3000 in the US.

    As for the style, it is subjective, but I do not see the point of endlessly comparing the car with its concept. Rarely do design cues from concepts make it into actual production. It’s a beauty as it is. Now, as James May would say, if you are a Beverly Hills retired dentist that thinks this is not a proper Jaguar, so be it.

    In a few years, I intend on selling my A6 C6 4.2 and getting one of these (the supercharged version).

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    I agree 100% with your comment about the press shots. I crawled all over the XF at the LA Auto Show’s press days and came away wondering if the camera guys were shooting the same car.

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    A sales manager from Jaguar has been parking one of these at the gym in the last week. The gym parking lot is full of sports sedans owned by men in the throws of their mid-life crisis. Does this car stand out? Is it beautiful (maybe not the right word)? Does it warrant a second glance, in the 40+ testorone wars of the gym parking lot?

    Well yes and no. Ford has whored the Jaguar brand so bad that it is getting to be the Kia of luxury brands, the cache has gone. However, this is the best attempt at style that Jag has done in years. It is not perfect, with front and back looking like different cars, but it does have class. So does one look to see who in the gym is getting into the XF. Probably, I doubt anyone would have cared with anything after the E-type. It has Panache, it is does not reek boy toy, it shouts stlye. For me it would be a home run, pity about that badge at the front though.

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    based here in the UK I’ve had the chance to drive the full range,I tried the V6 in Mote carlo two weeks ago (luckily I was visiting with someone who works for Jaguar and they got us access to the press cars) and went to the UK launch last weekend where I tried all the other models as well as the XJ (feels very old now) and XK (which my wife now loves).
    In the UK we get 2.7 diesel, 3.0 V6 petrol, 4.2 V8 and supercharged 4.2V8 in two different trim level all have sat nav, bluetooth, auto and leather etc as standard. I really grudge spending £2000 for a sat nav that’s less powerful than a £200 Tom Tom and all their German competition here come with fabric interiors and manual gearboxes so to add these is about another £3500. Given that fuel here is £1.10 or more per litre the diesel is my choice, very smooth absolutely beautiful drive especially on the 19″ wheels the V8 is spec’d with 20s and they do detract from the ride but are still better than any of the current BMWs with their run flat tyres. The standard V8 feels a lot more than 300 BHP and the SV8 is 416 BHP but the power is so much and delivery so quick that you really have to think about what you are doing to stop yourself ploughing into cars in front of you.
    The XF is very colur sensitive, black is ok but indigo blue and dark grey are the best colours along with one of the paler interiors, assuming the finances are not too much more than my Audi I’ll be placing an order for an indigo 2.7D with ivory interior and the premium luxury spec, plus reversing camera, upgraded stereo with ipod kit (far and away the best entertainment system I’ve tried on any luxury car)and 19″ wheels. Even with the extras it will still be approx £6000 less than the equivalent 530D or E320 CDI and £10,000 less than a similarly spec’d CLS 320 CDI. Only real problem is the massive demand in the UK, ordering one this week would be for August delivery!

  • avatar

    Just looked at the price I’m not actually sure why jag bother selling in the US given the margins they must be making, I know cars are expensive here in the UK but at current rates the standard V8 in the Uk would be $85000 and the SV8 would be $110,000 !

  • avatar

    This is just a Ford/Lincoln with a Jag interior. Price is Ok. A note to the designers, however. The Jaguar is a muscular cat that prefers to lurk in the shadows and lunge at its prey unawares. It’s whole being is sensual and capable. It is the largest predator in the Americas. Pound for pound, it is one of the strongest animals alive. This vehicle does not capture that essence. Therefore, it is a failure. There are already enough luxo-appliances in the world. What is needed is passion, conviction and style. Jaguar tradition has that in spades. Perhaps another owner will let this cat be a cat, and not try to make it sit up and beg like any other tamed beast in the automotive circus.

  • avatar

    Well, I’m buying one manana. It’s a lovely beast inside and out.

  • avatar

    3 Quick things.
    1. Anyone who penalizes the looks of a production car because of its differences from the concept should be flogged with his own loafers. The concept was great…but the back seat would not accommodate a child seat, and the XK already has the useless backseat market covered.
    2. Many of the comments about the car are from persons who have never seen one in person or driven it. I have. Yesterday I put the white supercharged versionthrough her paces. All I can say is WOW. Outstanding looks, great power, balance, a fine work indeed.
    3. Before I left, I plunked down my deposit and customized my order – it delivers May 13. See ya on the road Maxie.

  • avatar

    I for one was never familar with the C-XF concept and after visiting the Jaguar website I was blown away by everything this (XF) sports sedan has to offer.

    In my opinion, the XF blows away the CX-F; hands down. The front end is flawless in design-the CX-F was to dramatic; almost fiction- straight out of a 2050 Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay. This is coming from a consumer-not a guru or someone who keeps track of these vehicles from concept to production.

    My hats off to Jaguar for developing a vehicle that challenges every other sports sedan in it’s class, and at least for now is the clear winner.

    It’s unfortounate that the company is going through some major setbacks and on the verge of being sold or discontinued, because this could be the turning point for Jaguar if they can continue to carry this vision into the XJ.

    Opportunity always comes in disguise as a major setback and maybe, just maybe they seize it and make things right for the Jaguar brand.

    My 2 cents-

  • avatar

    Are any of the XF owners having any issues with noise in the front-end? It sounds like a have a bushing that is rubbing or something. It is driving me nuts!! The dealer could not reproduce the problem (of course). It seems to only happen on really hot days. Unfortunately, I live in Atlanta where there are many hot days.

  • avatar

    Steve S…sorry to hear about the technical difficulties. You should check out I believe I saw a post there with someone identifying a similar problem. I believe the shop identified it and fixed it on the first shot….Best of luck.

  • avatar

    Well, I have been reading all the reviews from owners to car jornalist and I would like to say some about the design of XF.
    I am an designer and architect and and I do design cars too altough I do that just as a hoby but I have very good eye and I have to say what thay have done to XF is just perfect its a superb design it a blend of jaguar and aston, it has the best back light I have ever seen and if its not exactly like the C-XF thats very underestandable.
    We have seen many concept designs from diferent manufacturs but have you ever seen exact one on the road!
    jaguar never said thats the next jaguar too again dont forget that was a concept design. its the same with my job as an architect we do design many buildings as a concept design for a projects but when it comes to built its going to be diferent not too diferent though.
    I am surprised when some people think or say the look of this car is very close to volvo or infiniti or lexus!!! Absolutly not! even some car jornalist are saying that too and I have too say may be you know alot about the car but you dont have a good when it comes to design and look I am afraid.
    and at the end I realy sugest that go to a dealer and see that car in person and do not take a jodgement from the picturs, you will be pleased. you will see a sporty car with lots of british elegant tuches. XF it could be a next Jemes bond car.

  • avatar

    So its March 27th, 2010 and BY FAR THIS IS THE MOST CAR 42k will get you in the used car market. There are a few supercharged ones available with under 10k miles. Just drove for the first time the other day and I was very impressed. The sporty style is understated and I like the stance. The interior is amazing and the engine is incredible.  I am purchasing one when i find the black on black that is the right deal. They have moved forward with this model and the 2011 XF is basically the same car. Jag made a 500 horsepower motor which was the major change. I am happy to be buying outside of the BMW/Benz family and there are no cars made by either of these companies that compete with it unless you move into an M5 or E63 which will be about 20k more in the used car market.  This is used car heaven as the article stated!

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