Road Rage is All the Rage

Glenn Swanson
by Glenn Swanson
road rage is all the rage

WFAA reports that police in East Dallas are investigating a road rage shooting early Thursday morning. Two vehicles were apparently attempting to turn onto a road at the same time; shots were fired and two men in one of the cars were struck in the leg by bullets. Meanwhile, WFTV reports that two men in Orange County, FL drove through the eastern end of the county with guns blazing. Louis Davis admitted he opened fire as his six and 11-year-old children watched. According to the former corrections officer, the van ahead “was driving too slow” so "I sped up and got in front of him and he rammed my white Honda, rammed right in the back of it." At some point, the two drivers exchanged gunfire. Police say Davis dropped off the kids, found the van, crouched in a yard and popped-off a few more rounds. "I called 911, but if someone's firing at me, by God I'm going to protect myself and my family.” On the other hand… "'You got bullets flying everywhere. This is ridiculous. I think it's a good thing they have both been arrested,' said Deputy Carlos Padilla, Orange County Sheriff's Office."

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  • Glenn Swanson Glenn Swanson on Feb 21, 2008

    I wonder what's causing some of our commenters to react to this news story about road rage with such a sense of Hummer-- I mean humor. Spending too much time out in the frozen Tundra? (That's Outback to our friends down under). Or was it the Eclipse of the moon last night? Time to take my (angry) red Honda on the M5, and Escape this madness!

  • Andy D Andy D on Feb 21, 2008

    I drive inside the I 495 belt with a lot of driving in Boston and its immediate suburbs. Traffic sucks, idiots abound. About 15 yrs ago, I discovered Books on Tape, and now I find my attitude in traffic a lot more mellow.

  • CRaCk hEaD aLLeY CRaCk hEaD aLLeY on Feb 21, 2008

    Oh White Honda driver of Infiniti wisdom, fast became a Celebrity at TTAC for getting involved in a Crossfire instead of choosing Civic Stealth: Achieava nothing, will end making Luv a the Checker and it's not going to be Delica[te]. Dy-nasty! Moral... when RAM'd from behind, better not Reatta with Fiero or Bravada. ------- Fök! Almost Equinox! Took too long to get into the Vibe. See you guys after Solstice.

  • Blautens Blautens on Feb 22, 2008

    Welcome to Florida! Every other person has a gun in their car, quite often legally. Sometimes, not so much. Once I pulled over an older gentleman (for a stolen tag) in a beautifullly restored 1959 Cadillac in a particularly bad part of town. As he rolled down the window I notice a gun on the front seat about 6 inches away from his hand. After I calmly got him and the gun secured, I asked him why he had that so close to him. "Son, would YOU feel safe driving in this part of town without YOUR gun next to you?" We had a good laugh, and I let him go. (Okay, I made up the last sentence...)