Motor Trend Smashes Pontiac G8 Review Embargo

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
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motor trend smashes pontiac g8 review embargo
Officially, the GM embargo on G8 reviews (how quaint is that?) ends today. But since this is the internet, it means the embargo is over for everyone as soon as anyone decides to break it. [NB: any buff book or news source looking for a point man, here we are.] This time 'round, Motor Trend broke GM's embargo cherry; posting its homage de G8 on its site. Edmunds' Inside Line followed suit. And Popular Mechanics and Car and Driver joined the e-fray . In short, the G8 scoots from zero to sixty mph in about 5.4 seconds and… everyone likes the car a whole lot. As for TTAC, GM's press car ban remains the one embargo GM rigidly protects and enforces. Never mind. As soon as the G8s hit the dealers, my personal rear-drive savior has set one aside for a day for TTAC to evaluate. In the interim, enjoy the fluff![Pixamo gallery of new G8 here.]
Justin Berkowitz
Justin Berkowitz

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  • Edgett Edgett on Feb 25, 2008

    Is the MT-quoted 0-60 time with the 3.6l V-6, or with the V-8? The specs list the V6 model, but the weight suggests it will need the V8 to make a near 5 second 0-60.

  • Sherman Lin Sherman Lin on Feb 25, 2008

    Blunozer "If its in Motor Trend… I wouldn’t exactly call it a “review”. A rewritten press release, maybe…" and perhaps thats why they enforce the ban on TTAC. Maybe GM can't handle the truth even if maybe just maybe this car is a good car. We'll just have to sit back and wait.

  • Pch101 Pch101 on Feb 25, 2008

    I have to say, I think that I'll like this one. The hood scoops are offensive, some of the interior bits would benefit from a rethink, and the digital center gauge cluster is a bit retro (and I mean that in the worst possible way), but otherwise, it sounds like a winner. Let's just hope that it's reliable...

  • ZCline ZCline on Feb 25, 2008

    Don't Audi's and VW have that digital center LCD between the two gauges? Also, why is there no red line? I've seen this "feature" in some Ford's. Do you just rev it until it explodes?