More Intellichoice Misegos: GM "Gaining" on Toyota

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
more intellichoice misegos gm gaining on toyota

We repeat: conflict of interest renders Intellichoice's data inherently suspect. So, Bloomberg [via] reports that "General Motors Corp., the biggest US automaker, gained ground on Toyota Motor Corp. in an annual survey of ownership costs including measures such as sticker price and resale value. GM led in three vehicle categories, up from one last year, while Toyota again won four of the eight total awards." While we're disappointed that Bloomberg takes Intellichoice's choices at face value, their cheerleading conclusion is especially galling (to this gall bladder-less cynic). "The results lend credence to GM's goal of improving quality and boosting resale values by curbing incentive spending and sales to rental-car companies." This despite the fact that the Corvette was the only GM passenger car to receive a nod. Which didn't stop Intellichoice's spinmeister from bolstering Bloomberg's BS. "Word is starting to get out that if you buy a Chevy, you're not destined for troubles the way you were 10 years ago." Here are the full "results."

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  • SherbornSean SherbornSean on Feb 07, 2008

    Actually, maybe we can replace "American Revolution" with a new slogan: "You're not destined for troubles the way you were buying our product 10 years ago"

  • Reginald b hartfordshire Reginald b hartfordshire on Feb 07, 2008

    Yawn, once again this Bloomberg article reflects the tendency of many journalists to read a PR release, then copy and paste the gist of the release into a news article. Apparently another slow news day.

  • KixStart KixStart on Feb 07, 2008

    The IntelliChoice awards themselves make fascinating reading. Chevy won, unsurprisingly in most of the pickup categories. However, Toyota took 1/2 ton 2WD (and why not in 1/2 ton AWD? There's a mystery). Outside of that, Chevrolet won the award in the coveted "cargo van" (with the UPLANDER??? Well, that justifies using its picture here) and "full size van" (Express) categories and also took "sport" with the Corvette. Toyota doesn't offer any vehicles in those categories. In the rest of the categories, Lexus or Toyota pulled in most of the awards. The Prius got BOTH midsize UNDER $21,000 and OVER $21,000 (by virtue of different trim levels). And GM is GAINING ground? This reminds me of that ad where the cat barks. Well, GM, never fear! When it comes out in [s]2010[/s] [s]2011[/s] 2012, I'm sure the Volt will be named NACOTY. And IntelliChoice will invent a new category for it and you can win a BOVY there, too.

  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Feb 08, 2008

    I'm so sick of marketing that relies on half-truths and failing to tell the whole story. Same with politics.