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17_lf_a_roadster.jpgHoly emerging markets! According to Japan's Nikkei business daily [via Reuters], Toyota's luxury division is boosting production by 35 percent to cater to strong demand in Russia, China and other nascent automotive markets. No question: the brand's on a roll. Last year, ToMoCo sold 518,300 Lexi, a nine percent gain over 2006 totals. Lexus now accounts for roughly six percent of Toyota's total sales. As we reported previously, Toyota plans to expand production generally by 8.4 percent– despite the U.S. downturn and any ripple effect it may have on the global economy. According to Nikkei, that's just a start (continuation?). "Toyota has set an internal goal of producing 11.3 million vehicles globally in 2012, excluding its units Daihatsu Motor Co and Hino Motors Ltd. That would represent a rise of more than 30 percent from 2007." Toyota denied the report. 

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12 Comments on “Lexus Boosts Production by 35%...”

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    Toyota is the new Google. Everybody loved Google because it wasn’t Microsoft, and then they started making real money and now everybody hates Google.

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    But Toyota has been around a lot longer, and has been profitable for a while. Even though their US public image stumbled, they still have a positive image.

    I don’t quite understand why so many people want to drive those insulation chambers, though. I guess because they ARE insulation chambers.

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    Quasimondo if your inferring that people hate Toyota, thats only true on Internet forums or in Detroit.

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    Customers love Toyota because the company treats them decently, offers them a surprisingly good car for comparatively little money, and because their after-sales program is outstanding compared to other carmakers.

    Where GM loves to screw its customers, Toyota likes to have them return, again and again and again.

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    red dawg

    Is it any wonder people love Toyota anh Honda?? They build far superior products in terms of quality, realiability, fuel economy and resale value with ususally terrific after the sale service. Something i can’t say for the last Ford i owned. As long as Detroit’s 2.8 offer a sub-standard product with terrible dealer experiences, terrible dealer service after the sale and no trade in value, is it ANY wonder they the 2.8 are losing customers faster that rats leaving a sinking ship !!!!!! Oh wait, the Detroit 2.8 ARE sinking ships. Toyaota and Honda are just beating Detroit at it’s own game and Detroit IS LOSING BADLY !!!

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    A 35% production bump for Lexus.

    An 8.4% increase for Toyota.

    Guess the boys fixed those niggling parts and assembly quality lapses that have cropped up the past few years. You know, the ones Toyota swore would be expunged from their system without fail?

    Surely Toyota would not boost production before that happened… right?

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    Right on, Stein X. The first time I was in the market for a car, I promptly walked away from all 3 local GM dealers because of the way I was treated – hell, one of them even tried to pass on his homophobia while I was test-driving!

    Toyota, OTOH, we found what we wanted (didn’t need to test-drive) and was done with the Toyota financing within 2 hours. Sales rep was great, explinations of everything were on key. I waited longer getting the windows tinted.

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    quasimondo, You couldn’t be more wrong. Many people still love Google. People like my wife, who are late to the Internet, really love Google.

    She loves Toyotas, too. She’s not a car person, by any means, but has noticed that none of our Toyotas has needed repairs or let us down in any way. No rattles, they still look good inside and out (except for where the kids banged them up while parking). She’s sold.

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    KixStart you obviously own some older Toyota models. And when I say older I mean not the last 2-3 years models. Reliability has taken a dip lately as reflected in consumer reports and other places alike.

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    Toyota has been increasing production 500K units per year, so in 5 years we can expect 2.5M extra units or around 12M.
    That’s in line with these rumors.

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    So I should go running back to Ford? Or VW?

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    Hmmm I own a 2006 Scion Xb with 50,000 miles so far and its been flawless. Why should I doubt Kixstart? I understand reports of some problems in recent Toyotas but I have yet to see any.

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