Chevy's Outlook: Time to Traverse

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

GM has released pictures of the new Chevrolet Outlook Traverse, set to start production this fall. In a press release, Chevy GM Ed Peper dismissed charges that Chevy's take on the Lambda platform should have been the first out of the box, rather than the last. (Never mind the only.) "We think the Traverse is the right vehicle at the right time." The new-ish CUV features styling cues "inspired by the acclaimed '08 Chevy Malibu." It comes in three trim levels (cheap, not so cheap and livable) and FWD or AWD variations. Chevy's offering a full complement of "amenities" to "enhance the driving experience for the driver and passengers alike" (how passengers could have an enhanced "driving experience" is a question left unanswered). The important thing is this: "the Traverse is following the formula that is bringing Chevy back to a new generation of consumers – great styling, loads of class-leading features and tremendous value." That's one way to describe a badge-engineered Chevy that will cannibalize sales from GM's other divisions. If the Saturn Outlook was doomed before, it's doomederer now. And the final indignity? The Traverse will hail from Saturn's Spring Hill factory, where the "different kind of car company was born."

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Jonathon Jonathon on Feb 06, 2008

    I think I like the look of this better than the Outlook, but I definitely like the look of the Aura better than the Malibu. Now, of course, the real question is whether this can sell well enough to replace the Uplander and Trailblazer without stealing too many sales from its siblings.

  • TriShield TriShield on Feb 06, 2008

    Bland, grey outside and grey inside. This was inspired by the Malibu? If so then where are the wild interior color combos? If you're going to cannabalize yourself you might as well do it with some style.

  • Carguy1964 Carguy1964 on Feb 06, 2008

    If I am not mistaken, could this be a bargain basement Enclave rebadging, if it is G.M. has done a very nice job of it, just looking at the rear quarter panel gave me a clue...anyway very nice CUV, I am impressed, hopefully this is not "smoke and mirrors" Hopefully this is the new GM...and sadly to say to the editor, I thought they did a very nice job with the "Bue" condsidering it was a redo of the Aura, I would replace my 02 Altima, I so dearly love, that is only they could promise me 150k or better life span, only then I'd come back

  • Mirko Reinhardt Mirko Reinhardt on Feb 07, 2008

    @nikita Tell me what passenger car today can hold three car seats accross? The Grand Marquis, hardly an enthusiast, or young family choice. The mini-minivans, which are popular in Europe, usually have three identical seats in the 2nd row. Zafira, Touran, C-Max, Mazda5, Kia Carens... As far as small station wagons go... Peugeot has the 307SW with 3 identical child-seat ready seats and an optional third row. Picture of the 307SW's interior: Or a whole gallery: