TTAC Reader Gets First U.S. Smart Car

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ttac reader gets first u s smart car

Not technically. Technically, commentator Nick Goddard's smart is the first official U.S. smart car, following on the heels of a number of gray market imports. Never mind. We're delighted that one of TTAC's best and brightest was first in line for Mercedes' four-wheeled accoutrement– I mean, city car. That can drive on the highway. In fact, during our podcast (below), nick2ny admitted that he'd taken his new smart up to 95mph on the highway. (Which is not too smart a thing to say to the media, but I'm sure he meant to say "if" somewhere in there, and change his sentence structure accordingly). Judging from our interview and the number of exclamation marks in Nick's original email, the man is over the moon with both the car and smart Prez David ("I don't share a first name with Farago") Schembri's personal service. But Nick said he'd come down to low Earth orbit long enough to answer any questions y'all might have about his box-fresh, first-out-of-the-box smart. And yes, I tried not to rain on his clown car parade. Doh!

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • BlisterInTheSun BlisterInTheSun on Jan 21, 2008

    RE: Kixstart What is it about small and efficient cars that some people absolutely must reject their inherent sensibility? The “lifestyle preference” in buying a small car is, “I buy what I need to get around” and nothing more. It might be hard to believe but not all of us derive our identities from what we buy and drive, we find our identities in and derive satisfaction from what we do. I can buy your line of reasoning, but I would question the sensibility of purchasing a car that has no inherent niche to fill other than advertising branded 'eco-awareness' simply because there appears (to me) no utility value for owning the car. Having said that, the same argument could be made against buying anything that isn't Model-T generic, so I am willing to concede that point as well. Also, if I gave the impression that I am criticizing this specific car purchase, let me apologize here. Judging by some of the women I've dated, I am prone to error as much (if not moreso) than most people, so as I try to learn new things and discuss contemporary car purchases on forums such as TTAC, I need to remember to just STFU sometimes and try and absorb others' perspectives without sounding off inappropriately. I do think that Nick's new car is a nice color, for what it's worth....

  • Chronoguy Chronoguy on Jan 21, 2008

    I guess Nick doesnt like it so much since it is now listed on Ebay for profit. Same car, same "1st smart in USA" with links to the press.

  • Solbeam Solbeam on Jan 21, 2008

    Here is the link.. for everyone’s convenience: Couldn’t say if I wouldn’t have tried to cash in, if that thing is hard to get in the US? Waiting list?

  • FromBrazil FromBrazil on Jan 21, 2008

    To me the smart has some problems. First, as a green car it doesn't cut it. Why? Well, because as some other poster said before this will never be (at least in Brazil and US) a first car. So, the green card is thrown out. Secondly, and I get the appeal, it's just too expensive (like almost any other German car)! And from what I understand mercedes has never been able to make a profit out of them. Give the "real" city cars (Clio, Corsa, Punto, Fiesta et al) their proper due. They are much better than this car. And they can serve a small family, go on the highway, save gas, be green and not be a single trick pony like the smart.