No Wonder I Can't Afford That S4 Cabriolet

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

Perpetuating the overblown self-importance surrounding their role in the Super Bowl, Audi's latest press release announces they will debut the "Audi Forum Phoenix." The play station "will offer athletes, celebrities, and VIPs access to exclusive events and a level of intimacy and privacy unavailable to them elsewhere in the chaotic social landscape of the Super Bowl." In the week leading up to the big game, the Forum will offer the beautiful people indoor/outdoor bars, a pool with private cabanas, tennis, golf and outdoor fire pits (no "luxury experience" is complete without outdoor fire pits, you know). Not wanting to brag or anything, Audi of America's chief marking officer Scott Keogh stated it was "the only viable destination for VIPs seeking a true luxury experience at this year's Super Bowl." Good for them (and them alone). But how does any of this "redefine luxury?" I guess we have to wait until their Godfather spoof ad to discover the meaning of Audi's "new era." If I'm off having a piss, will someone please post a description on the following Monday? Much obliged.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Mjposner Mjposner on Jan 28, 2008

    I think they want to be in the MB and BMW league that is why they are acting that way.

  • Albnyc Albnyc on Jan 28, 2008

    So much for their old advertising tag: "Never follow." Nothing like wasting yer $$$ on BS.

  • Donal Donal on Jan 28, 2008

    Speaking of cars I can't afford, I found this message on the Lion EV site: Ford Escape LionEV Hybrid $37,500.00 Only 10 will be produced this year! Ten? Ten! Ever heard of an assembly line?

  • Shaker Shaker on Jan 29, 2008

    "Ten? Ten! Ever heard of an assembly line?" Assembly "Lion", maybe? Anyway, maybe Audi (due to the nature of its trademark "rings") should associate itself with the Olympics (unless they have already?); of course, that would imply "performance" rather than "luxury".