Citroen to Manufacture C4 in China

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

What's the French word for chutzpah? Whatever it is, Citroen has it in spades. Following the furor generated by their Spanish ad that featured a less-than-flattering image of Chairman Mao, they've announced they're going to manufacture a new model in China later this year. Which model? The C4 of course, the same model featured in the controversial ad. China Car Times reports it'll be built by the Dongfeng Citroen joint venture which currently builds several other Citroen models for the Chinese market. The Chinese-built C4 will be substantially cheaper than the model imported last year, so it'll probably sell well in spite of its scowling disapproval by the Chairman.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Gcorley Gcorley on Jan 17, 2008

    FYI. chutzpah = culot (in French)

  • Virages Virages on Jan 17, 2008

    Isn't the number 4 unlucky in china?... They will probably have to rename it. But the C-numbers are all used up. Perhaps they will name it the C3.8...

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Jan 17, 2008

    Yes, the number 4 is associated with death in China. It would be a bad idea in the US as well. Who wants a car that will blow up?