MINI Clubman Hype Begins With Record Player, Shoes

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
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mini clubman hype begins with record player shoes

When BMW launched MINI stateside, its U.S. ad agency's unconventional approach (heavy on internet-based viral marketing) did wonders for the brand. Now that the new German-built, Jeremy Clarkson-reviled MINI Clubman is set to cross the pond, the automaker's "brand advocacy partner" Butler, Shine, Stern, & Partners (a.k.a. BSSP) has devised some, uh, "unique" cross-branded swag. Brandweek reports that the Sausalito-based agency has hooked-up with Visionaire, a NY publisher of themed, multimedia magazines to create the the $250 “Mini Clubman Vinyl Killer" edition. The package includes five picture-disc 12-inch records and a portable record player with a small Clubman replica for a cartridge. No really. There's also the MINI Clubman Onitsuka Tiger. The bespoke running shoe sports the MINI logo on the heel, and comes in color schemes to match those available for the Clubman (including black/silver and cream/British green). As you might expect, Brandweek analyzes MINI's most recent marketing plans with something approaching a Zen koan: "There is a place for Mini to work on selling to more hipster-oriented consumers, and it lies somewhere between Scion and Mini." So now you know.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • D996 D996 on Dec 27, 2007

    What’s a record player? Wilt Chamberlain, Ron Jeremy ?

  • Jerry weber Jerry weber on Dec 28, 2007

    Note this mini thing morphing with the times. The pt cruiser came out and stagnated as did the new beetle of VW. Not mini, they have retooled both the regular and S models and added the wagon. A new convertable follows. AT least BMW knows how you play the game. You keep bringing in new conquests with new product and give the original owners something to trade up for. Remember when the big three in Detroit did that every year?

  • Zenith Zenith on Dec 28, 2007

    Same dumb-ass doors I hate in the Honda Element. You can't let the kid (who's seated in the back because the airbag up front can kill him) out at the curb in front of school without getting out from behind the wheel, opening the right front door, then the right rear. Pull that kid up to the curb in a normal 4-door and he can let himself out. I've got nothing against rear-hinged rear doors if they're made to open independently of the fronts.

  • Johnster Johnster on Dec 28, 2007

    Why don't they just call it the Mattel "Barbie"TM Edition? They could go back to Mattel and come out with "Matchbox"TM and "Hot Wheels"TM editions, too.