Lexus Hooks-Up With… Uh… Maybe Not

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago says Toyota has sent a letter to Daniel Grangier, president and CEO of Switzerland-based EBoys Studios. ToMoCo's demanding that the porn producer stop promoting the actor named "Lexus." The automaker claims the name Lexus is a trademark of Toyota Motors Sales USA., Inc., and "by using Lexus in connection with adult films, EBoys Studio is in violation of § 43 (c) of the Federal Trademark Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1125(c) and tarnishes Toyota’s business reputation." Toyota wants EBoys to highlight and delete any and all materials displaying the Lexus name. Grangier says his CumEater and SpunkLand star selected his stage name in honor of the Greek god Lexus, rather than a Toyota-produced luxury vehicle. [If anyone can find a reference to a Greek God named Lexus, please post below.] Ironically enough (well almost), Lexus the automotive brand began life staring at the business end of a name-based trademark infringement lawsuit. "Just prior to the release of the first vehicles, database service LexisNexis obtained a temporary injunction forbidding the name Lexus from being used as they stated it might cause confusion," Wikipedia reports. "Upon reflection, the court lifted the injunction, deciding that there was a low likelihood of confusion between the two products." I'm no lawyer, but I reckon the same principle applies in the EBoys case.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Pch101 Pch101 on Dec 09, 2007

    With the new photo here, I'm beginning to think that Mr. Lexus here may bear a passing resemblance to a younger, brooding (and obviously randy) Rick Wagoner. Here's a pic of the GM chief executive so you may decide for yourself:

  • Johnster Johnster on Dec 09, 2007
    N85523: I also vote for more Jill photos. How come no one else here likes Volkswagen's Helga?
  • Donal Donal on Dec 09, 2007

    There was a Porsche in the adult film industry for quite a while. Maybe carmakers should turn the tables and come out with the Volkswagen Jenna.

  • Customer20983 Customer20983 on Dec 18, 2007

    Actually the porn star is right about there being a MINOR greek god but he got the spelling wrong as the character's name is L-I-X-u-s who in Greek mythology was one of the sons of Aegyptus and Caliadne who are descended from the powerful patheon multiple times being far more human than god. Lixus' only note was being married to and later murdered by Cleodora, daughter of Danaus and Polyxo. The only other mentioning of "Lixus" in Greek myth is as CITY where the mythological garden of the Hesperidia, the locale for the golden apples which bestowed immortal life to the mortals who dared to eat them. Mayeb that is what he meant as being like the golden apples as is immortal and unending, referring to his sexual ability. There is nothing specific of LIxus being related to either luxury NOR sexual prowess in Greek myth and of course NO SPECIFIC mention of LExus AT ALL in Greek myth. So I am guessing the porn star is either lying or does not know any thing about Greek Mythology when he took that name as he mispelled it right from the get-go if he meant LIxus.