Chevrolet Impala Remains America's Fleet Queen

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

For the third year in a row, the Chevrolet Impala has been selected Automotive Fleet magazine's "Fleet Car of the Year." Brian McVeigh, GM for GM's Fleet and Commercial Operations, waxed eloquent about the honor: "The fact that the people who actually make the vehicle purchase decisions for their companies picked the Impala Car of the Year three years in a row is the best customer endorsement you could hope for." And as if that wasn't enough GM-oriented excitement, the Chevy Silverado has replaced Ford's F-150 as the "Fleet Truck of the Year." Rob Minton, communications manager for GM Fleet and Commercial Operations said they were "really excited that the Silverado won the triple crown of the auto industry: Motor Trend Truck of Year, the North American Truck of the Year, and now, the Fleet Truck of the Year." This marks the first time both awards went to the same manufacturer. Congrats! Oh wait a second; what about GM's claim that they're trying to divorce themselves from fleet sales? I guess this means they want a smaller cake and eat it too.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Jthorner Jthorner on Dec 14, 2007

    I've put a number of miles in Impalas and Ford Five Hundreds, and I would choose the Five Hundred (now Taurus) any day. The Ford has more comfortable seats and all around better road manners. Unfortunately Ford seems to have forgotten salesmanship, otherwise the Taurus would be doing much better than it is. It offers excellent safety (thanks to a Volvo based platform), excellent roominess and best in class driving dynamics ... all for a better price than the size smaller Camry. John

  • MPLS MPLS on Dec 15, 2007

    I am leasing an 07 Impala LT with the otional ABS, traction control, and side airbags for $0 down and $250 a month. No problems so far. Sure, resale values would be dreadful if I purchased one. On the other hand, this vehicle is roomy and fuel efficient for a full size sedan. Yeah, yeah, I know the Impala's handling is average at best, but I do a lot of long freeway slogs and this vehicle is great for that. This is a dependable and underrated sedan largely because it wears a bow tie. That is why the fleets buy this sedan is undervalued and therefore inexpensive to purchase.

  • Mikey Mikey on Dec 15, 2007

    MPLS: Thank you from all of us that put our heart and soul into your Impala.250$ a month for a car like that?Thats bang for your buck eh?

  • Capdeblu Capdeblu on Dec 16, 2007

    I actually like the looks of the Impala clone Buick Lacross. And would put it on my car shopping list if I were in the market. But I wish someone at GM could explain to me why they are putting an ancient engine in them (3800 V6) and a 1980's 4 speed transmission? Yes Ive heard its a reliable engine but I have read it was developed in the 1960's.