Hillary: CAFE Hike, Billions for Industry and Hybrid Buyers

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

Back in May, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton refused to endorse a specific change to federally-mandated Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. In a speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the former first lady jumped into the debate with both feet. The Detroit News reports that Ms Clinton gave her support to non-existent legislation that would raise U.S. automakers' CAFE averages to 55 miles per gallon by 2030. Hang on; the toughest standard currently under consideration would hoik the CAFE standard to 35mpg by 2020. How the Hell would Detroit up their fleets' fuel economy average by 2mpg per year for 10 years after that? Why, by using the $20b in low-interest government funds she's promising to help them retool factories. Plus $2b in R&D funding for battery research. And a $10k tax credit for consumers who purchase an as yet non-existent plug-in hybrid. Oh, and the aspiring president said she'd add 100k as yet non-existent plug-in hybrids to the federal government's vehicular fleet by 2015. It'll be worth it, too, because "these tough CAFE standards will save consumers more than $180b per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 730 million metric tons." When asked to comment, one auto official replied "it's futile to comment when the candidates are engaged in one-upsmanship."

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Unohugh Unohugh on Nov 06, 2007
    why do you have to snail a SUV/Truck/Performance sedan 20 mph to work, when a small fuel efficient vehicle will do? Anyone? I drive a 400hp Trailblazer SS 10 miles to work everyday because I like fast. I'd rather walk than drive a Prius. However, I built a small energy efficient house in the country designed by a national award winning green builder. I save more energy with the house than I would on the difference in mileage between a fast car and a PC green weeniemobile. I'm also currently looking into adding solar power to my home. So, am I a bad person in the grand scheme of things? Is it alright with you, all things considered, that I have an big powerful gas guzzling SUV and a couple of other fast cars I occasionally take out and beat on or run at the track?
  • Virtual Insanity Virtual Insanity on Nov 06, 2007

    Spiffert: Because I want to.

  • Stuntnun Stuntnun on Nov 07, 2007

    maybe she should impose a fart tax since methane gas is a more potent greenhouse gas than co2.im sure she could give tax credits to companies that develop fart friendly food.

  • Kwolph Kwolph on Nov 07, 2007

    Hilary's severe MPG is unbelievably unrealistic!! I can not believe that I agree with automakers in the fact that Hilary is trying to one up the competition. I wanted to pass on the following press release: smnr.us/35mpgby2020. It highlights primarily the auto industry PACs and lobbies are striking down the Energy Bill and not the members of the auto industry -- the auto workers and dealers. Support the Energy Bill: www.energybill2007.org