Damn the AFA: Aussie Ford Ads Feature Gay Couples

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
damn the afa aussie ford ads feature gay couples

The American Family Association may think their boycott of Ford for "supporting homosexual groups which are pushing homosexual marriage" ended the automaker's efforts to attract DINKs (Double Income No Kids), but a new ad campaign from the Land Down Under says otherwise. Gaywired.com reports Ford Australia is running a commercial in their "Everyone's Journey is Different" campaign that includes two same-sex couples, including a a pregnant woman. Sinead McAlary, Ford Australia's PR wonk, said the ads aren't meant to "target any particular group." They're "designed to appeal to the wide variety of consumers who are now driving smaller cars in Australia." She describes the ads as "very successful with awareness and brand recognition quite high after only one month on air." While they don't use fairies zapping macho men into sweater-draped metrosexuals, they do show a white male couple in sweaters with matching Pugs on leashes. Ford has refused to comment on why they chose to depict the gay couple in such a stereotypical manner.

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  • Cammy Corrigan Cammy Corrigan on Nov 07, 2007

    MrGlenn126, The Dutch have openly tolerated homosexual relationships. They've been around for some time. And the comment about "I won't blow you up, I'm a christian" is rather sweeping. Mr Timothy McVeigh was a Christian and he did a fair amount of blowing up. Extremists exist in all religions, even buddhists (setting themselves on fire). I respect you and your opinions. I just hope you'll respect my opinion, too, Mr Glenn126. But I agree with the consensus the is "The Truth About Cars". So let's get back to talking about cars before this thread has more posts than "In Defence of: American Manufacturers"!

  • Creamy Creamy on Nov 07, 2007
    Ford has refused to comment on why they chose to depict the gay couple in such a stereotypical manner. How the heck else were we supposed to know they were gay? /end-tongue-in-cheekiness Imagine if they depicted two average men holding hands and smiling at each other? Woohoo the fur woulda flown then.
  • Glenn126 Glenn126 on Nov 07, 2007

    Hi Katie. Anyone claiming to be a Christian who blows other people up "for his religion" is lying. He's no Christian. I have some Mennonite friends and I occasionally visit their church (think "Witness" but they have churches instead of worshiping in each other's homes, cars, electricity and phones - but no TV, and they do educate their own children ages 5 through 17 at church school). These people actually are able to hold a conversation - pretty much a lost art in our western sillivization. These folks are truly Christian. I've never met a bunch of people more at peace than they. It's palpable and beautiful. They also understand the concept of things either being right or wrong and live their lives accordingly. They're also generally unwilling to vote, be drafted, fight in wars and don't have particularly competitive personalities (i.e. you won't find a Mennonite in charge of a big company). Typically, they are carpenters, a pretty good calling for a Christian, no?

  • Bronco Rider Bronco Rider on Nov 07, 2007

    What I would like to see is Ford make the best Damn car they can and get out of the political and gay issues. I have owned Fords all of my life with a Vette and Camaro in the mix. Ford going after the gay buyer offends me personally. Bronco Rider