Daily Podcast: TTAC Classic RIP

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

My long-suffering programming guru read me the riot act this morning: TTAC's classic format must die. It's too much of a programming hassle to update 'n sync with changes to the new format. When I said there are loyal readers who love the format as a quick way to stay up-to-date with the top of the pile latest of the latest, she showed me the stats. Less than two percent of use guys use Classic cocaine TTAC. Case closed. Sorry. It's a shame that on websites as with cars, the most loyal users are the ones least likely to embrace change. Me, I love it. I've always believed that every new Porsche 911 is better than the last. But for every five thousand of me there's one Stephan Wilkinson, a passionate keeper of the flame who'll probably tell you that my decision to dare utter such a heresy reveals the fact that I'm as dumb as a bag of rocks. (As if I need help.) But evolution is. That's it. It just is (whatever is is). If TTAC is to thrive and survive, we've got to keep doing what we do better than how we did it before. So, in compensation for readers five-stepping their way through Classic format grief, I can tell you that we're cleaning this sucker up a bit to make it more prettier and abusive friendly. Feel better? I thought not. Anyway, the rest of you may now return to our normal programing.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Robert Farago Robert Farago on Nov 09, 2007
    The Flexible Despot : In practically each podcast, mention is made that only a few listen. I wonder if that is going away, too, due to popular lack of demand? Don't be silly.
  • Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish on Nov 09, 2007

    CLASSIC > * don't do it!

  • Dinu Dinu on Nov 10, 2007

    Likely my 5th or so post here, but I read the site daily and listen to the Podcasts. I use "Classic" all the time and will be miss its simplicity / coherence / chronological order when it's gone.

  • Lemmiwinks Lemmiwinks on Nov 12, 2007

    Daily "Classic" reader here. I'm a blog junkie, so any website that gives me the option to maintain the tried and true, one-article-after-another list format wins the internet in my book. I will miss the quickness and simplicity of the "Classic" format. I guess I can always switch to an RSS feed, but that would likely mean less clicks from me for TTAC.