Daily Podcast: TTAC Party in West Palm Beach?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

First Samir Syed reminded me that the New York Auto Show is a crashing– I mean, static bore. Then I looked out my garret window and saw the dirty snow covering the Lady and the Tramp Victorian landscape below my perch. And then blautens suggested we move the TTAC party to West Palm Beach to coincide with the Barret-Jackson auction. This idea has a couple of things going for it. First, auctions have a certain pleasing rhythm to them– unlike car shows which are Stendhal syndrome in-car-nate. And second, it's warm in Florida. So what do you say folks? Spring break for TTAC? Meanwhile, I'm taking a few days off. We'll resume this adventure next Thursday or Friday. I thank you all for your continued patronage. Frank, myself and the TTAC team will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that we are worthy of your time. Merry Christmas!

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Glenn Swanson Glenn Swanson on Dec 23, 2007

    blautens: Mr. Swanson - West Palm has the finest airport I have ever been in. Thanks for the info; sounds great! (I've flown into Fort Myers, Tampa, Orlando and Miami, but never West Palm, which is why I asked.) Merry Christmas!

  • Tdoyle Tdoyle on Dec 23, 2007

    Merry Christmas TTAC... I will have to go through the archives to look for something to do after unwrapping all the goodies!

  • GS650G GS650G on Dec 24, 2007

    And that famous strip club called The Landing Strip is right at the end of the runway on Military Trail.

  • NBK-Boston NBK-Boston on Dec 25, 2007

    So I'm Jewish (but not Chinese), and my one question is, wouldn't the takeout get cold after traveling that long of a distance? On the question of airports -- Palm Beach (PBI) is a good choice, as is Fort Lauderdate (FLL), which has good connections up and down the east coast, nonstops to the major Midwestern and West Coast destinations, and puddle jumper service to the Carribean. You can drive to Miami or Palm Beach from there without too much of a schlep. It was expanded a bit some five or ten years ago, but is still fairly manageable in terms of size and traffic. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it yet. Miami (MIA) is just the pits in terms of having to get into, out of, and around the darn thing, and tends to have slightly more expensive flights (compare typical rates on FLL to NYC versus MIA to NYC), but it is closer to downtown Miami and Miami Beach, and has great connections all over South America and a few ultra-long-distance nonstops to Europe, in addition to complete connections to all major U.S. destinations. It has its uses, but beware. And yes, I'd attend a TTAC party in South Florida at some point over the winter, if only for the chance to get some sun and visit the folks back home at the same time too -- I grew up about 2 miles from the western edge of FLL's Rwy 9R/27L (and have very little sympathy for those groups who do nothing but whine about the evils associated with airport noise and expansion).