Daily Podcast: TTAC Ten Worst Results Delayed 'Til Monday

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
daily podcast ttac ten worst results delayed til monday

Sorry about this, but the winners of TTAC's Ten Worst automobiles will now be announced on Monday morning. The reason for the delay is simple: me. As you probably know, this website is, to paraphrase Battlestar Gallactica and Dire Straits, a ragtag fleet of high school English class survivors flying through cyberspace in search of a fabled refuge known as… money for nothing and your chicks for free! And that means a great deal of the work in these parts falls on my shoulders. I'm busier than a… Yada, yada, yada. Anyway, it's also true that our shy, self-effacing PR person said WHAT ARE YOU NUTS? NO ONE SENDS OUT A PRESS RELEASE ON A FRIDAY! So, in the interests of riding this annual no-love fest for all its worth, I had to demure. I appreciate your understanding in this matter, and look forward to the hue and cry on Monday. Hint: they're all domestic. Uh-oh.

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  • Cammy Corrigan Cammy Corrigan on Nov 02, 2007

    Mr Glenn126, The amount of Priuses on the road is increasing. But the UK has succumbed to the diesels from Germany. As I mentioned in a previous post, Germans are dragging their heels over hybrid technology still trying to push their stupid Bluemotion diesel powertrains even though the hybrid technology is far superior for emissions and fuel economy. Still, I think I proved my point about how great the Jaguar X-type is! It's a sensational car! As for Mr Clarkson, don't be too harsh on him. I saw his review of the Prius and it was flawed, but he's been on the money about many other things: "If you buy a BMW 3 series what you're saying to the world is 'I have no imagination!'"

  • Robert Farago Robert Farago on Nov 02, 2007

    umterp85 :

    Without a doubt, the awards will garner some hearty laughs for all of the elitist anti-domestic types. But really—if TTAC is all about pushing the envelope to gain attention and resultant action (Subaru did change the grill of the B9 didn’t they ?) I am afraid this will not be accomplished this year.

    If you guys want to start a debate about the methodology used for these awards (which has been transparent from the git-go), let's get it on right here and now (or email me @ robert.farago@thetruthaboutcars.com). I will NOT allow that discussion underneath the post announcing the winners.

    Meanwhile, I want to make a general point: TTAC does NOT have a hidden agenda. We have not and are not manipulating the awards to position the site as the "bad boys" of the autoblogosphere. In this as in all things, we simply let the chips fall where they may.

    When you see the final 10, any inherent bias you perceive-- that is NOT a bias against crap cars-- is a projection of your own "issues." Personally, I voted to include the BMW M5 and Scion xB on the list of 20 finalists. But they didn't make the cut-- because 19 TTAC writers felt other vehicles were worse.

    I am satisfied with the process. I stand by the results.

  • Umterp85 Umterp85 on Nov 02, 2007

    RF: Any coherent person who reads the top 10 on Monday should have little disagreement with the cars selected. The only redeeming quality many of them have is cheap transportation...thats about it. My suggestion to NOT include cars that are on the chopping block is clearly for NEXT YEARS consideration (I think it would make the process more interesting)and not meant to undermine this years results---as you said the rules were transparent from the start.

  • NICKNICK NICKNICK on Nov 02, 2007

    # KatiePuckrik: November 2nd, 2007 at 4:53 am " Why buy a BMW 3 series (boring!) when you could have an X-type?! It makes no sense….." why? maybe things are different on your side of the pond, but over here, jag dealers are not nearly as prevalent as BMW. Also, I'm happy to keep a pickup truck for 15+ years, but a car like the X-type or 3-series, etc. is something that i'd probably dump after 5-7 years. Resale value matters, and around here I'd lose my shirt on the Jag. Fantastic car or not, it better hold its value, and I'd better be able to get parts for it easily.