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pursangside.jpgThe VW/Audi Group, owners of both the Lamborghini and Bugatti boutique brands, have invented a lucrative niche market that could awkwardly but accurately be called, “I’m Rich but Not Stupid… Come to Think of It, I Am Stupid.” Exhibit A: the Lamborghini Reventón, a limited edition, moderately rebodied Murcielago LP640 that stickers for $1,440,000 (exactly 4.5 times a Mercy’s $320k Monroney). Exhibit B: the Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang. For $560k more than the $1,440,000 "base" Bug, you can get an unpainted body. I asked the best high-end bodyshop guy I know how much he’d charge if a Veyron owner on a budget asked him to strip their ride right down to the aluminum and carbon-fiber skin, polish the metal and shoot it with a layer of clearcoat.  "Fifty grand," Mickey Bigg of Vails Gate, New York, estimated.  “But I don’t wanna do it. Too much trouble.”

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13 Comments on “Wilkinson: “Pur Sang” = Pure Scam...”

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    Charles T

    I’m more worried about the PR consequences of a German company using the term “Pure Blood” on one of its cars. And yet I find myself aflutter over the Reventon; it looks like Megatron on wheels.

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    What in god’s name is the point of a luxury supercar with an unpainted body

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    The only motor vehicle that deserves the name is the Bultaco Pursang race bike

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    The really dumb Billionaires are the ones who don’t go out and splurge on vulgar exotic cars. Everyone who buys a supercar is performing a public service, taking a massive depreciation hit so the rest of us can drool.
    And how about labelling anyone who bought a Charger with a Hemi “I’m not Rich but I am Stupid.” when a “Hemi” sticker can be got for $20?

    Pur Sang is the French term for “Thoroughbred”.
    I doubt Dr Mengele would drive a French car anyway.

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    I guess paint is heavy? I know with all the paint on my carbon fiber hood it’s much heavier than my old carbon fiber hood was..

    but um we’re talking a Veyron, that thing is built like a tank. It’s not a lightweight sports car, it’s not trying to be a lightweight sports car. Fact is, it’ll take you to 253MPH and has a nice sound system, leather, metal trim, big shiny wheels, and air conditioning.

    — so I guess paying that much to show the bare aluminium and carbon fiber is paying a whole lot of money to make your Veyron less classy?

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    Virtual Insanity

    Because the world is full of people like me who think that Carbon Fiber is the new chrome. Call me a ricer, but there is just something sexy to me about unpainted carbon fiber.

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    Sorry but carbon fiber, painted or unpainted, looks like cheap plastic crap. It’s not glamorous whatsoever and sticks out on every car I’ve seen it on.

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    i second BlueBrat.

    until you get a car that can make every body panel out of carbon fiber the S2000s of the world with CF hoods and trunks look a lot like 1994 civics with gray primer body kits.

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    Sr. Pagani built one of his Zonda’s with unpainted carbon fiber, with all the weave lines perfectly matched.

    The man– and any customer compelled to purchase this car– need to see someone about that OCD thing.

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    Virtual Insanity

    To each his own. In the case at hand, if you can afford to tac on an additional 500k to a Veyron, I’m fairly sure you could give two shits about what anyone thinks your car looks like, lol. At those prices, you can buy someone who thinks your car looks nice, and will tell you at every chance they can get.

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    Having sold airplanes to millionaires, you realize that when they decide to buy something a certain way (even when you have advised them against it) you just have to let them.

    They are big boys, and it’s their money.

    So, if someone wants to pay to have all the CF weaves lined up and matched, then let’s be happy for the guys who likely got paid extra to do it. If it’s too much trouble to strip and cleat coat the car for 50k, is it still too much trouble at 100k? At some point, someone will take the job. They will get paid, wealth will be transferred, taxes collected, and capitalism will once again be verified as the best thing man ever invented.

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    Stephan Wilkinson

    Slow_Joe_Crow, the Bultaco is cool, but Bugatti did invent the term Pur Sang as applied to vehicles, way back in the 1930s, maybe even the ’20s. Bultaco “borrowed” it…

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    Ryan Knuckles

    I have to agree with Virtual Insanity on both comments.

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