VW Expands Up!wards

Martin Schwoerer
by Martin Schwoerer
vw expands up wards

Autobild magazine reports that positive public response to VW's rear-engined up! concept car has emboldened VW to develop a whole line of machines based on the NSF (new small family) platform. The version shown in Frankfurt was a 345cm-long three-door runabout, to which VW will add a 355cm five-door and a 375cm minivan (evoking the classic Volkswagen microbus). The basic models will be introduced in 2010 and hybrids will follow in 2011. Prices will start at 6,000 Euros for the third-world variants, while Europe will get up! from 8,500 Euros onwards/upwards. Martin Winterkorn, VW's always optimistic ex-Audi boss, seems nonchalant about the inherent dynamic problems of a tall, short, narrow, rear-engined vehicle. "With stability control, we will be able to make it handle well enough." Define "well enough."

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  • Geotpf Geotpf on Oct 03, 2007

    Pch101: Well, KIA is a military term standing for "Killed In Action", but that doesn't seem to have hurt Kia Motors' sales any.

  • Hansbos Hansbos on Oct 03, 2007
    “the inherent dynamic problems of a tall, short, narrow, rear-engined vehicle.” I am old enough to have driven a hippie bus. They were horrors. Every time a truck went by (which was often as the bus had a top speed of about 60 mph), the bus would be blown into the adjoining lane. I drive a 1972 VW bus and with proper maintenance and a good set of Konis, I have no problems with staying in my lane, even with very high winds (like 50+ mph canyon winds on the way to Death Valley last winter). The problem is that many VW buses are/were not maintained well.
  • Timoted Timoted on Oct 04, 2007

    The best thing you can do to a volkswagen is trade it in for a Kia. Volkswagen was an "entry level" car when they were made in Nazi Germany and they continue to be an "entry level" car even if they are now made by Mexicans. Fit and finish leave much to be desired. If properly maintaining a VW means replacing major parts every 30k miles, I'll take my Kia now please.

  • Fallout11 Fallout11 on Oct 04, 2007

    Cute (like many VW concepts), but Timoted has the gist of the problem with VW well covered.