TTAC Ten Worst Automobiles 2007: Last Chance to Vote

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

The voting for the 2007 TTAC Ten Worst Autos award continues apace. You have until midnight tomorrow to make your choices. If you haven't voted yet, click here to jump over to the polls. If you have voted, thanks. You've done your part to help rid the world of four-wheeled turkeys. We'll announce the "winners" on November 1, so you won't have long to wait to find out if your selections won. In the meantime, here's an update of what's been going on behind the scenes.

As was the case last year, there were a few likely victors amongst the finalists. Also, as was the case last year, not everyone agrees on what makes a vehicle one of the "Ten Worst." As soon as we announced the finalists some of you immediately questioned our procedures and techniques (and at times, parentages). Here are our responses to some of your more … uh … pointed observations.

How can you evaluate a car you've never driven?

Let's just face it– there's no way anyone could have driven all 136 vehicles that were nominated. Chances are most nominations were made by someone who hasn't even driven that specific vehicle. However, with all the information available nowadays, the desperation the manufactures show in their marketing campaigns, word-of-mouth reports and personal observations, you don't need to spend time behind the wheel to draw a pretty good conclusion whether or not a vehicle is any good. After all, if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, you don't need an ornithologist to tell you it's not a pigeon-toed chicken with a head cold.

Why is the ABC Blandmobile on the list when they stopped producing them months ago?

The rules (actually, about the only rule) specified any car has to be offered for sale as a new model in the U.S. between January 1 and now is eligible. Though the manufacturer may have pulled the plug (or is about to do so) on a dud, that model is still on the lots waiting for some sucker eager car buyer. If a manufacturer has a model that's so bad no one wants one, and it languishes on the lots even after they're not making it any longer, they should be recognized for their idiocy. Kind of like a posthumous Medal of Honor in reverse.

Why didn't the XYZ Uggo make the final cut? It got a lot more nominations than the ABC Blandmobile.

From the outset, we stated we weren't going to track how many times someone said "me too" to someone else's nomination, nor would the number of nominations come into play while selecting the finalists. For most cars, almost every nomination was countered by a subsequent post stating why that car shouldn't be nominated. If we counted every time something was nominated, would we then deduct a point every time someone presented good rationale that countered the nomination?

You shouldn't have included last year's winners in this year's competition.

Why not? If a manufacturer is making no effort to improve their turdmobiles, they deserve to be recognized for it until they do. That is unless someone else has introduced a bigger turdmobile in the interim. (Did I just hear GM offering a prayer of thanks for the Chrysler Sebring?)

The list of finalists proves you're pro-import, anti-domestic AND unpatriotic.

Uh huh. Right. You left out prejudiced, leftist, elitist and dictatorial. The list of finalists was selected by a democratic poll of our writing staff, many of whom own domestic vehicles. They felt the individual models listed were the worst of all the nominees– without considering manufacturer or country of origin. If you feel strongly that we're biased against domestic cars, you're welcome to write and submit a fact-based editorial supporting your opposing viewpoint. Or you can start your own blog with our blessing and support.

So far the voting has been close. But the front runner should come as no surprise to anyone. Although we're not saying which one it is, here's a hint: it rhymes with price-blur dweeb-ring. We will tell you who the ten leaders are though, as of the time I'm writing this Thursday evening. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Chevrolet TrailBlazer / GMC Envoy / Isuzu Ascender / Saab 9-7X (GMT-360)

Chevy Aveo

Chevy Monte Carlo

Chevy Uplander

Chrysler Aspen

Chrysler Sebring

Dodge Nitro

Hummer H2

Jeep Compass

Saturn ION

Is this also a list of the winners? Who knows? You'll have to wait until we release the winners on Thursday, November 1 to find out. Voting closes at midnight (EDT) tomorrow, Saturday October 27. If you haven't voted, you still have time to express your opinion. What are you waiting for? Click on over to our polling site and vote! And as always, thank you for helping make TTAC a much louder voice in the automotive wilderness.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Mooches Mooches on Nov 03, 2007

    I don't understand why Landrover models are not on the list...?? My neighbor has one and it spends more time in the shop than he can keep track of. I believe on the JD list they are at the very bottom for reliability. Design-wise, it's hard to find an uglier SUV. The interior ergonomics are a joke, the British have no idea how to build and design vehicles. And to rub salt in the wound, Landrover has the gall to charge 4x what their vehicles are worth.

  • Amigadave Amigadave on Nov 03, 2007

    I must object to the choice of the Dodge Nitro in this top ten worst vehicles list. I own a 2007 Nitro R/T 4x4 and it is the most fun I have had in any vehicle in the last 33 years of driving. It is loaded with modern features, has great unique styling and fits all of my needs perfectly. I have had no trouble with mine in 13,500 miles.

  • 3-On-The-Tree Lou_BCsame here I grew up on 2-stroke dirt bikes had a 1985 Yamaha IT200 2-strokes then a 1977 Suzuki GT750 2-stroke 750 streetike fast forward to 2002 as a young flight school Lieutenant I bought a 2002 suzuki Hayabusa 1300 up in Huntsville Alabama. Still have that bike.
  • Milton Rented one for about a month. Very solid EV. Not as fun as my Polestar, but for a go to family car, solid. Practical EV ownership is only made possible with a home charger.
  • J Love mine, but the steering wheel blocks dashboard a bit, can't see turn signals nor headlights icons. They could use the upper corners of the screen for the turn signals. Mileage is much lower than shown too, disappointing
  • Aja8888 NO!
  • OrpheusSail I once did. My first four cars were American made, and through an odd set of circumstances surrounding a divorce, I wound up with a '95 Nissan Maxima which was fourteen years old and had about 150,000 miles on it.It was drove better, had an amazing engine, and was more reliable than any of my American cars. This included a new '95 GMC pickup that went through five alternators in under two years while the dealership insisted that there was no underlying electrical problem while they tried to run the clock on the warranty.That was the end of 'buy American'. I've bought from Honda and VW since, and I'll consider just about anything except American now.