Norway Considers Banning Petrol-Powered Cars

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

No seriously. The Kingdom of Norway may become the first nation on God's green Earth to ban all gasoline-only cars. Citing Brazil's success with bioethanol as their rationale, Norwegian lawmakers are considering ditching petrol-only machines completely, in favor of biofuel-powered transportation. The United Press International reports that Center Party committee member Jenny Klinge feels banning sales of gasoline-powered cars to her country's 4.7m residents "would pressure the automobile industry into developing technology faster than it otherwise would." The Norwegian Transport ministry is trying to determine if such a ban would be legal. Meanwhile, Norway's many corn, soybean, and sugar cane farmers are excited about the prospects of a new market for their crops.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Stuntnun Stuntnun on Oct 14, 2007

    i never believed those scientist and i do smoke,and i don't believe the scientist that told me while i was in grade school we should be out of oil right now and in an ice age.i do believe we are getting warmer ,just not because of c02. those polar ice deposits you refer too have been debunked -look it up

  • Carlos.negros Carlos.negros on Oct 14, 2007

    stuntnun, you just keep on smokin'. Never mind those silly old scientists. Sheesh, why Rush smokes, an' he's alive. So, that's proof!

  • Stuntnun Stuntnun on Oct 15, 2007

    lots of scientist dont agree. real scientist would look at all reasons why the earth could be warming--the guy that predicts and is quoted every year for the number of hurricanes predicted even said gores full of it--he also posed a good question-- why was the first half of the 20th century cooler yet there were more hurricanes 1900-1950 ? he thinks its more to do with long term trends in climate in relation with saltwater density. i believe a doctor over a politician any day. and yes i do need to quit smoking.