Honda UK Plays the Green Card

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
honda uk plays the green card

Autoblog Green reports that Honda UK has upbraided UK parents for not car pooling to school. "Nearly half of all parents who drive their children to school, take only one child in their car," Honda chided potential customers. "As a result there are over five million empty seats on Britain’s school run every day." What's more, "If these same parents drove a people carrier, like the six-seat Honda FR-V [you know, just for example], a staggering 942,596 cars would vanish from the roads during the school run." That's quite a claim (and a VERY strange image). But wait! There's a less Honda-intensive solution. "Honda’s research found that parents are able to share lifts – 60 per cent said they knew of another child within 500 metres of their home that attended the same school as their own child." That's the kind of PC stat that made us check the source: an internet opt-in survey on Still, it's plenty clever PR. And we reckon it's only a matter of time before Honda's green strategy ramps-up on this side of the pond.

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  • Stein X Leikanger Stein X Leikanger on Sep 06, 2007

    The greatest danger to children going to and from school are cars driving them to and from school - statistically proven.

  • Cammy Corrigan Cammy Corrigan on Sep 06, 2007

    I think Honda are missing a major point here. Now maybe school has changed since I was last there, but most children hated the other children and didn't even want to share a classroom with them let alone a car! And what if you get stuck with the child that no-one in school likes?! That leaves YOU prone to beatings too! I'm sorry I'm a big believer in consuming less petrol and I do like Honda but there are some things I WILL NOT do for green issues! And God forbid if the child was the "school smelly*"! I wouldn't want them in MY car! * = "School Smelly" = the poor kid in school who REALLY didn't help themselves!

  • Radimus Radimus on Sep 06, 2007

    If you really want to go green than homeschool the kid. Presto, no more driving them to school. Oh, and even better, in order to do it right one parent will need to stay home to do the schooling. Presto, one more car not being driven to work every day. Now the lack of a second income means you can't consume as much. Hey, this is getting greener by the minute. Oh, but less consumption means less money going into the economy. And homeschooling the kids means that government and industry don't get to program and institutionalize them. Hm. Can't have that. Never mind. Sorry I brought it up.

  • TaxedAndConfused TaxedAndConfused on Sep 07, 2007

    Organise a car pool now, or the Polar Bears get it. And pretty please buy one of our ugly cars those nasty men in Japan keep sending us. @Katie - We did this briefly - never, ever again - and we ended up with the wellie wearing kid. Thankfully he could restrain "those" vital functions and was (tbh) no trouble. Problem was the other parents who didn't like the idea that the "kid whose parents couldn't afford good shoes" should be in the same car as their little darling. Shame really as he is a nice kid compared to their little gits - we refuse to have them round any time. We withdrew when we found T&CJnr learning a few "choice" phrases from some of the less organised and more stressed parents. And of course after Jnr mentioned how fast one of them liked to drive in the mornings. And yes, she did drive an X5.